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NEST Sicilian Tangerine & White Narcisse Candle Review

OK, I’ve had a really busy Sunday organizing and cleaning, but I thought I’d post something anyway. Here’s my “mini reviews” of two home fragrances from NEST.

NEST Sicilian Tangerine

Sicilian Tangerine – Notes listed include Sicilian tangerine, bergamot, mango and passion fruit.

This is a very nice tropical fruit tangerine. I want it blended in ice with rum and brought to my poolside lounger STAT ūüėČ

It’s a fresh citrus with a sweet, tropical mango and passion fruit that doesn’t remind me of Sicily but the… Continue¬†reading | 4 Comments


Destination Inspiration – Perfumes Inspired by Brazil


My focus lately in my personal life has been on travel. I thought I would combine my two interests with a new feature on EauMG – travel and perfume.

Many perfumes are “destination perfumes”, perfumes inspired by places. These perfumes are meant to brighten olfactory memories of erstewhile travels. Or to take us to the places we long to visit. Perfume is powerful like that.

I’m starting this new feature with a focus on Brazil (whooo World Cup ’14!).

I’ve never traveled to Brazil but would… Continue¬†reading | 16 Comments


Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Rose Muskissime EDT Perfume Review

MPG Rose Muskissime

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Rose Muskissime is a sophisticated fruity-floral perfume. Plus, I love to say the name “Rose Must Kiss a Me.”

Rose Muskissime reminds me of a living rose….with tropical fruits. I pick up pineapple and ripe papaya. The black currant is gorgeous in this. In the heart, I get the green rose and carnation, the fruits become more subtle. The dry down wears closely to the skin and smells like salty skin musk. Rose M. is on holiday and she’s not going to… Continue¬†reading


Neela Vermeire Creations Bombay Bling EDP Perfume Review

Neela Vermeire Bombay Bling

As you know by now, I’m a fan of the Neela Vermeire Creations line. I think the compositions are intellectual but suitable for daily wear. I also love that India is the inspiration. I see this type of¬†collaboration¬†being the future of perfume.

Bombay Bling is my favorite fruity fragrance on the planet. It opens with a tart but sweet fruit salad of lychee, mango and peach¬†drizzled¬†with blackcurrant syrup and topped with carrot shavings. Hey, what’s that? Oh, it’s just cumin making me smell like one… Continue¬†reading | 11 Comments


Dorian + Dahl Yummy Perfume Oil Review

Dorian + Dahl Yummy perfume

Dorian + Dahl is an indie perfume oil line. The fragrances are in a moisturizing oil blend with Vitamin E. But, here’s the great thing. These aren’t repackaged fragrance oils. These are blends. I’m adding this because I know many of us have been burnt by fragrances sold on sites such as etsy.

Yummy is a fruity gourmand. It opens with pi√Īa colada with mango. The juicy pineapple and mango are mixed with a creaminess. This would be an awesome little umbrella beverage… Continue¬†reading