Kenzo Ça Sent Beau EDP Perfume Review

Kenzo Ca Sent Beau

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Ça Sent Beau (used to be Kenzo de Kenzo) is the first fragrance by the fashion house Kenzo. This weird floral is inspired by a “living beach pebble” and I think that is what the ugly bottle is supposed to represent.

Ça Sent Beau opens with sulfuric citrus, hairspray aldehydes and cool greens. It reminds me of mandarin slices on ice. It’s cool and mineral. The showcases florals, slightly tangy florals. The most prominent is a peachy… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Lili Bermuda South Water & Fresh Water EDT Perfume Reviews

Lili Bermuda South Water

Lili Bermuda is one of those overlooked brands in the perfume world and I don’t know why. The house offers some great scents and they’re rather affordable.

The two unisex fragrances that I’m reviewing are great “summer scents”. You can add something to your wardrobe that is fresh and summery without spending a lot of money.

South Water – Includes notes of coconut milk, guava and sea salt. Launched 2009. PERFUMER – David Bothello

South Water is like a poor man’s CREED Virgin


JoAnne Bassett Ecstasy Natural Parfum Review

JoAnne Bassett Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a new perfume in the JoAnne Bassett More Life Collection. Ecstasy to me is the utmost “pampering” fragrance. Wearing it is like having a fan club. I’m surrounded by gourmet chocolates, bouquet of roses and the sweetest smelling perfumes.

Ecstasy reminds me of gourmet truffles. In the opening I get chocolates with various fluffy fillings of orange, mint, candied ginger and lavender. You can’t just choose one…With time I get a creamy floral, heavy on the rose, with lush aromatics. The dry down… Continue reading | 3 Comments

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LUSH 1000 Kisses Deep EDP Natural Perfume Video Review

LUSH has relaunched a few fragrances. I know that 1000 Kisses Deep was once in the B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful line. I did not smell it back then. I can’t say if the newly launched 1000 Kisses Deep is exactly the same as that from the past. I’m glad this fragrance is back. I love osmanthus and this is an osmanthus soliflore.

LUSH 1000 Kisses Deep perfume

1000 Kisses Deep opens with the best darn orange that I’ve ever smelled in my life… Continue reading | 7 Comments

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Gucci Flora EDT & EDP Perfume Review & Comparison

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing A Popular Perfume

I must start by saying that I hate the name Gucci Flora. It sounds like an intestinal disease. Or bacteria that one should or shouldn’t have in their intestines. Not glamorous. OK, it’s really named after a lovely 1960’s vintage print adored by Grace Kelly.

Gucci Flora EDT

The EDT opens with some citrus brightness. The peony is the key player here. It’s a very floral fragrance, slightly watery at the top. And if… Continue reading | 4 Comments