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The Lipstick League – Week of 7/29/2013

Lady Miss Kier

The Lipstick League – week of 7.29.13

Question of the Week – Is there a beauty trend that is “out” that you wish were “in”? If so, what is it?

EauMG’s Answer: Oh, man, you guys are going to make fun of me but I don’t care. I love visible lip liner even though it’s so tacky. I love it when it’s paired with a pale lipstick and meets somewhere in the middle to create a surprising lipstick shade. And I never outgrew


A 2010 Dark Chocolate Brown Nail Color Guide

Chocolate brown nail color guide

I think it has been long enough and chocolate brown nail polish is ready to be back. Chocolate brown is dark but it’s warm undertones work nicely with warm skin tones, better than black. I’m thinking dark chocolate here or Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Here’s 15 bitter chocolate nail polishes in a variety of price points to get you started 🙂 If you know of any to add this guide/list, please do. It’s easy to overlook brands.

Under $9 Brown Nail

Beauty Best Under $10, makeup

Taxi! A 2010 Yellow Nail Polish Guide

I like yellow nails, but it often looks brash against the yellow in my complexion. But, it is such a cool color and when I get on a nail color, I don’t stop until I find the perfect one. I’ve compiled a “guide” to yellow polishes. I’m trying my darnest to leave out those that come across as gold. Yellow is cheery, unexpected and works with pale to dark complexions.

Budget (Under $10): Manic Panic Claw Colors Nail Varnish in Electric Banana is a glow-under-blacklight… Continue reading | 5 Comments