A Beautiful Life Smitten PINK Perfume Oil Review


A Beautiful Life Smitten

A Beautiful Life Smitten PINK is a fruity-floral with self-described “Southern florals”. And I do get Southern florals in it but it doesn’t conjure up a Southern belle. Instead I get a festival chick.

Smitten PINK opens up as a blast of pink grapefruit. It’s sour but sweet. There is a lot of black currant. This smells sweet, tart, and a little musky. The muskiness is that fruity “blackberry” like musk that accompanies black currant. The opening is citrus-fruity. With time the florals… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Arquiste Flor y Canto EDP Perfume Review

Arquiste Flor y Canto

Out of all of the Arquiste fragrances, Flor y Canto has my favorite inspiration. So, I’m going to take this straight from the site:
August, 1400, Tenochtitlan, Mexico

“On the most fragrant festival in the Aztec calendar, the rhythm of drums palpitates as a wealth of flowers is offered on temple altars. Billowing clouds of Copal act as a backdrop to the intoxicating breath of Tuberose, Magnolia, Plumeria and the intensely yellow aroma of the sacred Marigold, cempoalxochitl.”

Ever since… Continue reading | 11 Comments

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Lulah Magnolia Fig Body Lotion & Body Mist Review

Lulah Magnolia Fig

Thymes has created a new bath and body line, Lulah. If you spend some time on the Lulah site you’ll get the impression that this line is marketed to a younger crowd, not too young but younger. She just graduated grad school. It’s for the type of woman that shops at Anthropologie or J.Crew. It’s for fashionable women that like to mix prints and wear funky costume jewelry. She’s too old for Victoria’s Secret PINK and feels too young for a signature scent by… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Royal Apothic Holland Park EDP Perfume Review

Royal Apothic Holland Park

I have seen the Royal Apothic line around and in the past I’ve bought a few of their hand creams. I never really tried the perfumes because Anthropologie never had testers out of the ones I wanted to try. I didn’t go out of my way to try them because at their price point and with the adorable vintage inspired packaging, I thought the line was only about the looks and not what was inside. Guess what? I was wrong!

Holland Park is inspired by… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Kate Spade Twirl Perfume Review

Kate Spade Twirl perfume

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

The packaging of Kate Spade Twirl is very celebratory. The bottle is “cute” with gold confetti. And the name is playful. Unfortunately, this is one of those fragrances where every last detail was planned out to correspond with the Kate Spade image and to entice. Every last detail was agonized over. Every last detail except for the actual fragrant liquid inside the bottle. (I have no solid proof of this, but  it’s the impression that… Continue reading | 4 Comments