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The BBN Weekly Beauty Read II

Little baby Frink the Frug (Frenchie pug)
Frink the Frug

March 6th-13th

So here’s a pic of Frink the Frug when he was a little frugly baby. What a mutant! Only a face that his adopted mother could love! His ears never could decide what to do: bat eared like a Frenchie’s or floppy like a pug’s. Grown-up Frink’s ears are either like the pic above about 40% of the time and the rest of the time down like a pug’s, often reminding me… Continue reading | 3 Comments


MAC To The Beach (Ya’ll) Summer 2010 Color Collection

To be honest, I think the only reason that I like this summer collection is because of the packaging. It’s a “print” that is found throughout my home decor. (Think Thomaspaul creepy sealife prints found on pillows, etc. and antique sealife prints). The motifs are the ones featured on the model’s ill-fitting swimsuit. The colors aren’t anything new. In fact, many are the same colors MAC has all year but in snazzy summer packaging.

The collection describes itself as such: “The seaside has a kind of golden, sexy alchemy we’re


MAC Warm & Cozy 2010 Color Collection Review

I know that I’ve slacked on reviewing things. I’ve been so busy, but enough of the excuses. I’ve been really behind on commenting on new color collections. I got lost in the holiday launches. It seems like MAC comes out with a new color collection every Friday. It isn’t that they aren’t special, it’s just that I can’t keep up. Many of the colors are just renamed. The Warm and Cozy Collection doesn’t contain mind-altering colors or taboo shades. However, I am so intrigued by this collection. It’s hot stuff. I’ve… Continue reading


MAC Asphalt Flower Perfume Review

As I went to the local MAC store with the intent to purchase everything in the Style Black collection for my goth self, I was more smitten by the Fall/Winter 09 Trends collection. I’ll be sure to share all of that soon. I came across this limited edition Asphalt Flower fragrance roll-on. I loved both of the limited edition honey fragrances this past summer and to my surprise, I am now in love with another MAC fragrance. They have really been stepping up their game with these limited edition, low price… Continue reading


Not An Antique: MAC Pigment in Old Gold Review


MAC describes Pigment in Old Gold as “frosted tarnished gold”, the picture online looks like an antiqued gold – like an heirloom locket.  Above the pigment is smeared on my hand dry. It is a really vivid metallic. I wouldn’t describe it as a gold at all. It is more of a melange of rust, gold, blue, green, teal pigment particles. It only looks “gold” under bright light and then it isn’t an antique or tarnished gold but a 24K flake spray paint gold. I like this color. It… Continue reading | 1 Comment