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A Few LUSH Bar Soap Reviews

LUSH bar soaps

I can’t think of a more “hit or miss” brand for me than LUSH. They are one of those brands that produces some of my favorite products while also producing some of my most detested products.

I usually avoid their bar soaps just because of their price. They’re much more expensive than other artisanal soaps that I purchase from various indie lines. I love bar soap but the reality is that a bar of soap will not last as long as a bottle of shower gel… Continue reading | 8 Comments


EauMG’s Mint Perfume Guide

mint perfume guide

The weather here has been mild so far and I’m not complaining. We don’t have a/c and I don’t want to sweat it out. I’ve put together a mint perfume guide before the hot weather hits. I need to be prepared.

Mint has a high content of menthol. And menthol is sort of magical. It activates cold-sensitive receptors in the skin and that’s what gives it that cooling sensation.

Now this cooling effect is awesome in the summer but mint is tricky. I don’t want to… Continue reading | 21 Comments


LUSH Tuca Tuca EDP Perfume Review

LUSH Tuca Tuca

“Purple” Flowers Week 2014

LUSH Tuca Tuca is described as “the scent of a bright pop song…with a fantasy violet accord that works its way into your subconscious”. So, Tuca Tuca is supposed to be the ear worm of scents. A nose worm? OK, that just sounds nasty. I don’t think Tuca Tuca is nasty but I do find it to be weird.

Like many LUSH perfumes, Tuca Tuca is loud. It can project across a room. It has a rather odd but delightful… Continue reading | 4 Comments

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LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel Review

LUSH Rose Jam

I’m a mega fan of LUSH Bubbleroon in Rose Jam. It’s one of my favorite bath products. Actually, it may be my favorite bath product. When I heard that LUSH was launching a limited edition Rose Jam shower gel, I started stalking the store.

“It will be in on Friday”, they would say. It was never in on Friday. Never. I went by on two different Fridays.

Jessica wrote a review published on Now Smell This that made me long for… Continue reading | 17 Comments


LUSH Gorilla Perfume Mini Reviews

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes


LUSH has launched a new line of Gorilla perfumes this year (in the U.S.). However, these aren’t available at every store and they were “on tour” and stopped by Seattle for a short time. I went in to give them a try. Here are my brief mini reviews since LUSH isn’t offering samples of these perfumes for purchase and none of the SAs in the store would make me any despite all of my monies I spend there:

Sikkim Girls wit notes of frangipani