LUSH Gorilla Perfume Mini Reviews

LUSH Gorilla Perfumes


LUSH has launched a new line of Gorilla perfumes this year (in the U.S.). However, these aren’t available at every store and they were “on tour” and stopped by Seattle for a short time. I went in to give them a try. Here are my brief mini reviews since LUSH isn’t offering samples of these perfumes for purchase and none of the SAs in the store would make me any despite all of my monies I spend there:

Sikkim Girls wit notes of frangipani

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EauMG’s 2011 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Rita Hayworth 1950

I hate doing Mother’s Day gift guides. Moms are diverse people with diverse interests and broad age ranges. And guess what? They each have their own personality! Motherhood didn’t turn them into Mommy Droids! I hate how so many beauty and fragrance PR pitches come into my inbox saying stupid things like “make mom feel beautiful”. Isn’t mom beautiful without a hot pink foot file? In a way, I understand the “feel” part. Most women don’t “feel” beautiful 100% of the time. That’s normal, but… Continue¬†reading | 1 Comment


LUSH Gorilla Perfume Lust EDP Review

LUSH Lust Gorilla Perfume EDP

What? I can’t hear you! I’m wearing LUSH Lust and it’s as loud as a monster truck derby. There’s nothing subtle about Lust, a sweet and heady floral. It’s jasmine all up in ‘yo face. You may want to save this one for outdoors or open arenas ūüėČ

So, Lust is a vroom, vroom, rev up you engines kind of jasmine. It opens up loudly with gasoline like fumes that remind me of moth balls. Lust stays jasmine and it stays… Continue¬†reading | 14 Comments


LUSH Gorilla Perfume Imogen Rose EDP Review

LUSH Imogen Rose EDP Perfume Review

Feb. 7th-11th Rose Week

If you don’t like rose, then stay away from LUSH Imogen Rose perfume. This is a very much a rose soliflore that doesn’t hold back.

Imogen Rose opens up as very green and sweet rose. It’s very realistic, an intense real-life rose. It’s wet and it’s outside. This isn’t rose in a vase or heaven¬†forbid,¬†potpourri. This is a rich rose oil. Strangely, I pickup something spicy. It doesn’t seem to be an added spice but the… Continue¬†reading | 10 Comments


LUSH Gorilla Perfume Vanillary EDP Review

LUSH Vanillary Perfume Review

LUSH Vanillary is a sweet vanilla floral with a rich tonka bean base. I really did not expect to like Vanillary. The name doesn’t sound too exciting and how many more vanilla fragrances do I need? Isn’t one good vanilla enough? I also sniffed it in the stores years ago and it didn’t have much impact on me (probably because I couldn’t smell it in the toxic LUSH environment). And at that time I was in one of my stages where anything sweet or vanilla… Continue¬†reading | 12 Comments