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Thymes Agave Nectar Body Wash & Hand Lotion Review

Thymes is a personal and home fragrance line located in Minneapolis. For years, I’ve loved their home fragrances. After reading about Agave Nectar Bubble Bath in Allure’s Best of Beauty*, I knew it was time to try Thymes’ body line.

Thymes Agave Nectar

I’m not usually attracted to citrus fragrances so the description of Agave Nectar didn’t jump out at me. The scent itself does. Agave Nectar surprises me with how good it is. It’s a juicy ruby red grapefruit. It’s tart but not overly sulfuric… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

This is an epic product. My entire life I’ve heard that it worked wonders. As a young teen, I saw it advertised in the back of zillions of fashion mags. Even as a young teen, I had my doubts. Nothing could “shrink” zits. Right? Well, as an adult I’m finally using this product after hearing tons of beauty bloggers and beauty editors rave about this “magic” pink brew.

Mario Badescu looks and smells like a witches brew. It is a “gross”… Continue reading | 5 Comments

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L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream Review

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is a fairly simple product that does what it is intended to do: moisturize hands. The formula is very smooth and rubs in easily. It is a white balm that is smooth as butter.  It is smooth and spreads very easily, meaning that you don’t need too much to have soft hands. It is moisturizing and you can tell that it is on your hands. I wouldn’t call it greasy but you can tell that it is there. It isn’t sticky or slippery. The formula doesn’t… Continue reading

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Naté & Nice: Revlon Jean Naté Entire Bath Line Review


One of my favorite things about summer (other than lots of time off and the mild climate of the Pacific Northwest) is that I get to use my entire bath line of Jean Naté. Busting out the Jean Naté means that summer is here. It’s fresh, clean, citrusy and not fussy, making it a perfect summer must have.

Jean Naté or Jean Nate as my grandmother would say (like blue “jeans” and “nate” rhymes with “late”) was launched in 1935 under Charles of the Ritz, now Revlon. This… Continue reading | 4 Comments

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Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter Review

Clinique Deep Comfort

I apologize for the lack of posts. I’ve been on spring break. You know enjoying Seattle’s cold and rainy spring days 🙂 Anyway…

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter is a pretty darn good body butter. It’s is thick, moisturizing without any greasiness. It is weightless on the skin but provides the moisture of a richer body cream. A little bit of this spreads evenly, so it’ll last longer than you’d expect.

Clinique claims that this is fragrance free. It isn’t. There’s a fragrance. It has a… Continue reading