Aftelier Perfumes Alchemy Solid Perfume Review

Aftelier Perfumes Alchemy Solid Perfume Review

Aftelier Alchemy Solid Perfume is a floral amber, a natural fragrance in a luxurious solid base. This was one of, natural perfumery genius, Mandy Aftel’s “early” fragrances formulated from some of the most popular notes she used in custom perfumery. Basically, Alchemy is a “crowd pleaser” perfume. I’m usually a fan of crowd pleasers. Alchemy is an exception because Aftel’s clients aren’t your average consumers. From the decadent notes in Alchemy, I can tell that Aftel’s custom order clients are knowledgeable… Continue reading | 33 Comments

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NEW: Bond No. 9 New York Oud EDP

Bond No. 9 New York Oud

Bond No. 9 is launching a new oud perfume this February, New York Oud, composed by Laurent Le Guernec. New York Oud is described as an “expectation defying oud”. (wow) This unisex oud is “modernized and urbanized” and won’t have an Old World oud/incense feel. Instead, New York Oud will have a “creamy velvet texture” and a rose heart with a “lingering urban forest” dry-down. Sounds good to me.

New York Oud also contains a 30 percent… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood EDP Perfume Review

Before we get bombarded and tired of oud scents thanks to all the launches from Dior, Caron, and yes, even Comptoir Sud Pacifique, everybody is doing it. Even B&BW played with oud towards the end of last year. I’ve promised myself that I’d start posting reviews of some of my favorite ouds before you guys “tire” of them.

I like woodsy, smoky, and “dark” fragrances. I love all of the notes listed in this fragrance. So, it makes sense that I would like Tom Ford Private Blends Oud Wood. Oud… Continue reading | 20 Comments


Pirouette Rose Musk EDP Natural Perfume Review

Pirouette Rose Musk Perfume Review

Have luxury, niche tastes on a Bath and Body Works budget? Let me introduce you to Pirouette Handmade Essentials. Pirouette True Perfume is a Seattle based fragrance line with affordable natural perfumes. k. Pirouette Rose Musk is the skanky, spiced rose that I’ve been searching for. And get this…it’s under $30!

Rose Musk opens up as a woodsy, dry cedar with lots of rose. This rose hits me as like a Russian rose attar. A perfect balance of the fruity aspect and the green aspect… Continue reading | 28 Comments


Joya FvsS Composition No.1 Perfume Oil Review

Joya No. 1 Perfume Oil Review

Joya Composition No. 1 is one of two luxury fragrances recently launched by niche brand, Joya. When I first applied Joya Composition No.1 perfume oil, I had a flashback. It took me back to my younger perfume counter days. Joya Composition No.1 reminded me of an epic floral but I couldn’t name it! This of course, like forgetting a familiar word, is driving me crazy. I couldn’t focus on the fragrance because I was too busy trying to compare it to an “obvious”… Continue reading | 7 Comments