D.S. & Durga Rose Atlantic EDP Perfume Review

DS & Durga Rose Atlantic

ROSE WEEK 2017 – An Aquatic Rose

It’s Rose Week on EauMG! This is the annual celebration of rose-centric perfumes! This week I’m reviewing 6 fragrances that display a different aspect of rose perfumes.

Perfume World has such a need for interesting “Nouveau Aquatics”. Don’t get me wrong, there are interesting aquatics in niche (like House of Matriarch Albatross, CB I Hate Perfume At the Beach 1966, etc.); I just think there is a genre that more niche brands… Continue reading


EauMG’s June 2016 Favorites


June was an absolutely crazy month. Looking back at my Smell Diary and Favorites, this seems to be a common theme with summers for me. June is one of those months where everything seems to happen.

The month started with me so sick with food poisoning (salmonella) that I was knocked out for a week severely dehydrated and malnourished. This resulted in a hospital visit which did help me recover. Unfortunately with my health stuff, I’m told I… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Eric Buterbaugh FLORALS Celestial (Jasmine) EDP Perfume Review

Eric Buterbaugh Celestial

7 Days of Eric Buterbaugh*

Eric Buterbaugh is a well-known floral designer based in Los Angeles. Last year, he launched a line of perfumes, Eric Buterbaugh FLORALS, inspired by the medium he knows best – flowers. The Noses work with Firmenich, creating many of my most-worn perfumes from designer to niche. I’m dedicating a week to reviewing this line because like Eric Buterbaugh, I too love florals. 

Jasmine, like rose, has many faucets and this is one of the many reasons it’s a favorite… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Zoologist Beaver EDP Perfume Review

Zoologist Beaver

I actually put off testing Zoologist Beaver for a few reasons.

Reason #1 – I think beavers are adorable. They are nocturnal, chunky, industrious and live in little family units. I can relate. Out of the animals in the Zoologist line, beavers are my favorite. And I wanted to love this one because the bottle is adorable and this leads to…

Reason #2 – CASTOREUM¹. I actually like animalic notes but with this name and the note list, I feared it would be out of my… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Phoenix Botanicals Linden Moon Natural Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Linden Moon

Phoenix Botanicals Linden Moon is a perfume inspired by linden blossoms drenched in moonlight and the Summer Solstice.

Linden Moon opens with lime zest and linden tea. The heart is a waxy jasmine with faint linden blossoms. It dries down to a grassy vetiver and patchouli.

On my skin, the jasmine is the most prominent; however, this is what puts the “night” in this perfume. It’s a soft linden breeze paired with heady night-blooming jasmine.