Eric Buterbaugh FLORALS Virgin (Lily of the Valley) EDP Perfume Review

Eric Buterbaugh Virgin

Seven Days of Eric Buterbaugh*:

Eric Buterbaugh is a well-known floral designer based in Los Angeles. Last year, he launched a line of perfumes, Eric Buterbaugh FLORALS, inspired by the medium he knows best – flowers. The Noses work with Firmenich, creating many of my most-worn perfumes from designer to niche. I’m dedicating a week to reviewing this line because like Eric Buterbaugh, I too love florals. 

Lily of the valley is a note that I’ve always appreciated but rarely wear. The plants… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Bourbon French Parfums La Vie Nouvelle EDT Perfume Review

Mary Brian


If you love perfume and if you are (or are ever) in New Orleans, you really need to check out this little perfume house, Bourbon French Parfums. You will leave with something. Everyone does. You’ll probably leave with a lot of things, but the prices are really affordable. You can leave with like five bottles for the price of one bottle of European niche perfume.

I’ve tried a few from the brand and I’m attracted to their florals. There’s a nice vintage-y quality… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Zoologist Panda EDP Perfume Review

Zoologist Panda Perfume

Zoologist Perfumes is a Toronto-based niche perfume line with as you can see, adorable packaging. The line currently consists of three perfumes. With my introduction to the line, I wanted to try my favorite animal offered, Panda. In general, I really connect with giant pandas because we both eat all of the time and wear too much eye makeup.

Panda is opens like a water garden and leather. It’s dank, green and slightly dirty. The osmanthus in this is so leathery which usually isn’t an aspect of… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Michael Kors Michael EDP Perfume Review

Michael Kors

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Can you believe that the original Michael Kors Michael is 15 years old now? I remember when this perfume launched and was its height of popularity. Michael Kors was on Project Runway, he was one of the first designers we got to knew via reality TV. He wasn’t just a designer but some guy from Long Island with a sense of humor. We heard stories of his Jewish mother, his love of tanning and his personal career experiences. The perfume matched… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Tom Ford Private Blend Shanghai Lily EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Shanghai Lily

Tom Ford Private Blend Atelier d’Or*ent ins’t bad. Or maybe I think that because my expectations have been lowered by the previous subpar collections. Unlike some of the other collections, there are some in Atelier d’Or*ent that I don’t mind wearing.

The first few times I tried Shanghai Lily, I tried talking myself out of loving it. I had a feeling that my lowered expectations were getting in the way. I like the idea of lily-centric fragrances but I rarely wear them (even though I own a few)… Continue reading | 2 Comments