Barbara Orbison Pretty Woman Perfume Review

Barbara Orbison Pretty Woman EDP

Barbara Orbison has launched Pretty Woman, an amber perfume with rich florals, spices, and smoky woods. This is a rich, warm fragrance that wears and wears. This lasting power of this fragrance beats my pure parfum of Guerlain Shalimar!

You guys know I love smoky, spicy fragrances. Barbara Orbison Pretty Woman is a smoky, spicy amber. The fragrance is spicy but not from things one would find in their kitchen. It has spice from stargazer lily and carnation, slightly peppery and clove-like but still floral… Continue┬áreading | 15 Comments

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Aromatique The Smell Of Spring Home Fragrance Oil Review

Aromatique Smell of Spring

This is one of my favorite home fragrance oils ever. Aromatique The Smell of Spring does smell like spring. It is a blend of dainty, dewy lilies like snowdrops and lily of the valley paired with fragrant hyacinth and faint, powdery lilac. It is a dewy spring floral oil. It is very floral and very feminine. It does smell like concentrated spring in a bottle. I love these types of florals (especially hyacinth) so I love this. This is a home fragrance oil that I will always… Continue┬áreading | 4 Comments