NomaTerra Savannah Magnolia Perfume Review

Nomaterra Savannah

Whoo! There’s a perfume inspired by the state of Georgia! I’ve always wondered why there haven’t been more perfumes inspired by Savannah or at least the coastline of Georgia. A few perfumes have reminded me of Savannah but there aren’t many that claim the city as their scent inspiration. Nomaterra Savannah is one of the few.

Savannah is a raspberry green tea served with fresh grapefruit.The florals mingle with citrus and tangy raspberries. It’s all rounded out by a vanilla milkiness. The dry-down is a… Continue reading


Celebrate with EauMG’s Champagne Perfume Guide

 Lil Dagover toasting

Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.” – Francis Bacon

Harsh. My toasts are not curses, but I’ve always enjoyed the quote. And I do want champagne for my friends (and myself) and this includes perfumes inspired by festive, bubbly champagne. Let’s celebrate the new year with champagne fragrances.

Champagne perfume guide

A. YSL Yvresse EDT – Originally named Champagne, Yvresse will always be champagne. This is the matriarch… Continue reading | 13 Comments