Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Mellifera EDP Natural Perfume Review

Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Mellifera

Roxana Illuminated Perfume Mellifera is one of those perfumes that smells like sunshine and green meadows. It has a joyful energy that radiates.

The opening of Mellifera is invigorating with what smells like lemon peel and iced seltzer water. It’s a cool, green citrus with effervescence. The heart is heady with a cooling ylang-ylang and powdery, pollen-y mimosa. Mellifera smells “yellow” with its huge yellow bouquet and lemon zest. The perfume is inspired by bees and that becomes even more apparent as the perfume becomes a… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Amayori Okinawa Natural Perfume Oil Review

Amayori Okinawa

Amayori has launched a new limited edition seasonal perfume for Summer 2016, a natural perfume inspired by summer evenings in Okinawa.

Okinawa opens with a sharp, gingery lemongrass. This lemongrass starts to wear as something that reminds me of lemon verbena, like lemon zest and green grass. As it dries down, it’s like a green coconut with fresh gardenia blossoms. The heart is a realistic “gardenias in bloom” on the plant. It’s like a heady gardenia and green leaves. They dry-down is like a creamy gardenia.

It’s… Continue reading | 1 Comment


O’Driu Leva EDP Perfume Review

O'Driu Leva

O’Driù is a niche, artisanal Italian perfume line. I can barely keep up with American indies, so I haven’t went out of my way find “new” International brands. It’s not that I don’t care, I do, it’s just really difficult to keep up. O’Driu has received a lot of buzz due to the perfumer and the line’s eccentricities and art installations (see Peety). This is one of the few International indies that is on my radar.

The inspiration of Leva is rather “tame” in… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Not Soap Radio I’m Not Here, I’m Really…Island Hopping Solid Perfume Review

Islangin Hopping Perfume

Hey, want to smell like tom yum? Here you go!

Not Soap Radio I’m Not Here, I’m Really…Island Hopping is a creamy coconut with a heavy helping of lemongrass. The fragrance rests somewhere between tom yum soup without the spice and a really creamy colada without the piña. It’s coconut and lemongrass. Since it’s a solid perfume, it’s rather linear. However, the dry down is a creamy vanilla coconut that reminds me of a delicious island cocktail.

Notes listed include coconut, lemongrass, vanilla, musk and… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Saffron James Ipo Perfume Review

Saffron James Ipo Perfume

Ipo is the fifth fragrance by niche fragrance line, Saffron James. It’s “romantic and tranquil like a moonlit beach or a Saturday afternoon”, so the line states. The name, ipo, means “sweetheart” in Hawaiian.

Ipo is a floral perfume. It opens as this green violet and fresh rose. But, there is a fresh spiciness that reminds me of freshly sliced ginger. The rose warms up and mixes with fresh lemongrass. The ginger and lemongrass make Ipo “sparkle” like green tea fragrances do. My impression of… Continue reading | 1 Comment