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L’Aromarine Pamplemousse Grapefruit Perfume Extract Oil Review

L'Aromarine Pamplemousse

I didn’t know that I loved the scent of grapefruit so much until I bought this product. I used to shy away from grapefruit in scents because it was A. too sweet and sugary or B. cat piss. I didn’t hate grapefruit, I just stayed away from it because cat piss is hard to pull off. L’Aromarine Pamplemousse is a “rugged” citrus blend. It is bitter, fresh, but is still sweet like a grapefruit. This oil is just enough of the peel and the fruit. It is a… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Beauty Best Under $10, fragrance

L’Aromarine Opopanax Perfume Oil Review

L'Aromarine Opopanax

L’Aromarine Opopanax is a very rich scent in a very rich, oil-based medium. It wears all day, but after the first few hours very closely to the skin. It is a rich, resin scent. It is both powdery in an amber way or myrrh and almost citrusy at times, like a mix of lemongrass and lavender. So what I guess I am trying to say that it is almost pine-y and coniferous while being boldly sweet, balsamic and ambery. So, yep, a resin or a balsam: opopanax.  scents then.

I would guess… Continue reading | 1 Comment


L’Aromarine Vetyver Vetiver Perfume Review

Once again I have fallen for L’Aromarine’s adorable vintage packaging! I honestly only bought this because of the label.

I like vetiver perfumes. On of my favorites in summer is Guerlain Vetiver. This one by L’Aromarine is similar in theme. It is a green, clean vetiver with a hint of citrus. It’s invigorating and refreshing. The dry-down is woodsy, like patchouli.

For an EDT, I’m surprised by the longevity. It wears all day!

Update: This brand has been discontinued  but it looks like it may be going under… Continue reading

Beauty Best Under $10, fragrance

L’Aromarine Bergamote Perfume Extract Oil Review

L'Aromarine Bergamote

Once again I have purchased a L’Aromarine fragrance oil and I am not disappointed. L’Aromarine Bergamote is very fresh and well very bergamot-ish. It is modeled after that strange inedible little fruit. The oil lasts on the skin for a long time. It is a very crisp and fresh scent, almost tea like. Like a green tea mixed with fresh tobacco. However, it is very citrusy and grapefruit like. It also has a spicy, coriander and tamarind odor that makes it truly individual. I love it. At first… Continue reading | 4 Comments

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L’Aromarine Florale Flowers Fragrance Eau De Toilette Review

My first experience with L’Aromarine Florale Eau De Toilette Spray was not a good one. It came via UPS in a box that was  saturated with this heavy scent on one of the hottest days of the year. About an ounce of the EDT leaked in the box. It didn’t damage the other items but it got all over me.

Like I have mentioned before L’Aromarine fragragnces are very concentrated. They are strong and have a long lasting power. I was exposed to so much Florale that it gave me a… Continue reading