La Curie Number Four Natural Perfume Review

La Curie Perfume Oil

La Curie is an indie line of perfumes. Currently, the line has four perfume oils. I’ve found that they all compliment each other rather nicely. Number 4 is is the smokiest out of the quartet.

Four smells like the smoldering embers of an abandoned campfire. It’s smoke, charred woods and mountain air. Being an oil, it’s a linear scent. And it smells exactly like campfires, pine needles and damp leaves. When it dries down, it has that “day after campfire hair” aroma.

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La Curie Faunus EDP Perfume Review

La Curie Faunus

La Curie is a Southwestern indie perfume line inspired by myths, legends and mystics. Faunus, a smoldering woodsy scent, is one inspired by a forest god.

Faunus is opens with one of those leathery-mustardy synth ouds (which I like) with a delicate bergamot glimmer. It starts to smell like a new leather moto jacket with oud. Faunus dries down to a smoldering cedar incense.

OK, so I never layer perfumes because I often see it as gimmick-y (since it involves at least 2 perfumes, so… Continue reading | 8 Comments


La Curie Number Three Perfume Oil Review

La Curie Three

La Curie is an Arizona-based indie brand that is Inspired by “mythology and sacred ground” that offers EDPs and perfume oils. Number Three perfume oil is described as “The rites of spring in a forbidden garden”. For me, it’s figs and hillside evergreens in late summer.

Number Three is a “clean” fig, like a green fig with cool mountain air. It’s a bitter, green fig with evergreens and a white musk. There’s a sharp citrus that reminds me of grapefruit peel. Number Three wears as crisp, clean… Continue reading