Yves Saint Laurent YSL Mon Paris Perfume Review

YSL Mon Paris

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

A couple New Year’s Days ago, I was washing my hands after making enough tamales to feed a multi-generational familial unit. I glanced into the mirror and saw something light at my center part. Thinking it was masa, I went to wipe it off. It didn’t budge. Upon further inspection, I was mortified. There they were. Gray hairs. It was like they popped up overnight to ring in the new year. I didn’t feel old. WHY WAS MY BODY DOING THIS TO ME?

Yes, I know… Continue reading | 2 Comments


4160 Tuesdays Goddess of Love & Perfume EDP Perfume Review

4160 Tuesdays Goddess of Love

I have no idea what has happened to me this winter. But, something has happened. Last week, I confessed that I’ve enjoyed wearing a sheer, wispy black currant perfume, Viktoria Minay Hedonist Cassis. And today I’m confessing my love for another fruity-floral perfume, 4160 Tuesdays Goddess of Love & Perfume. Now, this one is very different than the Viktoria Minya one. Goddess of Love is a dense, jammy fruity-floral. There’s nothing sheer about it. The surprise for me, is what are the… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Etat Libre d’Orange Bendelirious EDP Perfume Review

Etat Libre d'Orange Bendelirious

I think Etat Libre d’Orange Bendelirious may be a perfume inspired by a fictional, carefree, fashion victim New Yorker  – I’m thinking a mix of Carrie Bradshaw and generic, young socialite. You can tell this from the brand’s copy. Bendelirious can go from rich socialite to “urban fairy” that drunkingly dances on tables. Frankly, if Bendelirious were an actual woman that I knew or casually encountered, I’m sure she’d get on my very last nerve. But, no worries, if she were a person, I wouldn’t know her anyway… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Nez a Nez Ambre a Sade EDP Perfume Review

Nez a Nez Ambre a Sade

I’m a sucker for a really good gourmand. And Nez à Nez Ambre à Sade is a really good gourmand.

Ambre à Sade is a fruity blackberry and strawberry jam. A camphoric patchouli innuendo is in the background. Ambre à Sade is sweet reminding me of homemade berry jams and buttery, flaky pastries. However, it isn’t overly foody sweet at this stage. There’s a sharp cedar and patchouli keeping this from being 100% French pâtisserie. Cinnamon adds warmth. It reminds me of a croissant dipped in a… Continue reading | 4 Comments