EauMG’s October 2016 Empties

October 2016 Empties


Bye, October.

Here’s the damage I did in October. I bought like $40 of stuff at a Harlem hair supply store. I also bought too much Colourpop because I was on the hunt for the perfect terracotta lipstick. And I found it with Mama .But, I wish more than anything it wasn’t a liquid lip formula. Those are so drying and I’m over them. Why do they keep making all the cool colors in these inferior formulas?!

I had this… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Kiehl’s Forest Rain EDT Perfume Review

Could any fragrance describe the Pacific Northwest better than Kiehl’s Forest Rain? I mean just the name is so Northwestern, crisp evergreen forests and lots and lots of rain.

I love this fragrance. It’s woodsy, fresh and floral. It reminds me of a walk through a damp, spring forest. It is woodsy and spicy in an evergreen/cedarwood and sandalwood way. It has dirty hints of patchouli.  The most original aspect of the fragrance is its aquatic and wild floral hints of muguet. So many wild lilies grow in the forests in… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Kiehl’s Essence Oils Rollerball Fragrances

I like fragrance oils and I love rollerball fragrances. They are great to travel with and usually because the fragrance is an oil, the lasting power is nice. I also have no issues with single note fragrances. It isn’t quite an “art” but I still like quality ingredients. Sometimes you don’t want a nicely crafted marinara, you just want a vine-ripened tomato. Kiehl’s has introduced four .23 ounce unisex fragrance oils for $25. There is the original Musk which I love. I rarely wear this fragrance so this size would… Continue reading