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Belle Fleur Mimosa Magnifica Candle Review

Belle Fleur Mimosa Magnifica

Belle Fleur Mimosa Magnifica is a fragrance in their Classic Floral Collection. I expected for Mimosa Magnifica to be a pretty, powdery and delicate floral. And this would have been nice, but Belle Fleur exceeded my expectations. Mimosa Magnifica is a powdery mimosa but it’s not delicate. It has a velvet-like richness.

Mimosa Magnifica is a powdery floral over a sweet amber. It reminds me of old fashioned French perfume, like mimosa and violets wafting in a haze of heady jasmine blossosm in full bloom. The base is a sweet… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Parfums de Rosine Majalis EDP Perfume Review

Parfums de Rosine Majalis

Parfums de Rosine Majalis is a perfume inspired by rose majalis AKA cinnamon rose (which I hear has no scent). Majalis is a spicy rose. I think of it almost like a rose hot toddy – rose, cinnamon, honey with warmth.

Majalis opens with a glimmer of citrus and spices, reminding me of an orange pomander except replace the clove with cinnamon sticks. Majalis is a sticky honey and cinnamon spice. The rose in this is like dried rose petals steeped in mulled cider (or a hot toddy with… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Banana Republic W & M EDP Perfume Reviews – Relaunched Classics

Banana Republic W and M

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing (2) Popular Perfumes

This year clothing line Banana Republic relaunched two of their popular perfumes from the mid-1990’s: W and M. I have never tried the originals so I apologize to any W or M fans. I can’t say if the new relaunches are similar or not.

Banana Republic W with notes of citrus, wet green leaves, pink grapefruit, honeysuckle, white magnolia, water lily, amber, musk and blonde woods. Relaunched in 2013. PERFUMER – Jean-Claude Delville

W opens as… Continue reading


DKNY pureDKNY Verbena EDP Perfume Review

DKNY pure Verbena

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

So, I’m not going to regurgitate the copy of DKNY pureDKNY Verbena. I sense tons of green-washing. Of course this irks me because for many years now I’ve been supporting indie and natural brands and perfumes. These indie brands make the best sustainable choices that they can on their budgets. Many of them walk the walk and talk the talk. When I see a big mega-corp do it and brag about their stupid recyclable packaging, I get angry. – I’ll… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Penhaligon’s Quercus Cologne Fragrance Review

Penhaligon's Quercus Cologne

When I first sniffed Penhaligon’s Quercus, I had flashbacks to the mid-90’s. This stuff smells really familiar.

Quercus opens as ozonic to me but not “sea-fresh”. It reminds me of a gin and tonic. There’s a slight effervescence mixed with a cool spicy cardamom and tons of citrus. It wears as clean musks, ozone notes, citrus and shampoo-like florals over a warm, squeaky clean amber.

My “issue” with Quercus is that it is very similar to CK One…or at least how I remember CK