Joya Composition No. 6 Perfume Oil Review

Joya Composition No. 6 perfume

Joya Composition No. 6 is a fresh, woodsy-green, slightly masculine perfume oil that can be summed up as “invigorating”. It’s gin-like juniper, cold water lotus, and frigid fresh air layered over cedarwood shavings and saffron.

Composition No. 6 is very foresty but not in a Christmas scented candle or “sporty” aftershave wave. It really does smell like sniffing cypress and juniper needles. There’s a spicy-freshness to this that reminds me of the aroma of gin. Composition No. 6 is more gin-like with… Continue┬áreading | 6 Comments


Demeter Gin & Tonic Cologne Review

Demeter Gin & Tonic

I don’t find it unusual to want to smell like a cocktail since most fragrances have an alcohol base. There are easy to replicate and most things put into cocktails smell good. Demeter Gin & Tonic is a the simplest cocktail; it’s stripped down. This is a “masculine” fragrance. It’s fresh and clean smelling. It has a mineral element to it (tonic, right?), slightly effervescent. There is a faint citrus/lime in this that adds a refreshing quality. The base is a tad spicy, a synthetic juniper accord… Continue┬áreading | 5 Comments


Pacifica Avalon Juniper Solid Perfume Review

Pacifica Avalon Juniper Perfume Review

I fell for this product because of it’s adorable and “eau” so Pacific Northwestern packaging. I love the raven and snow owl imagery. I just love it. I love nocturnal animals and I wish I could more raven and crow merchandise. So, Pacifica got me with with this one with packaging alone. And I just happen to like the fragrance.

OK, so for a solid perfume, Pacifica’s formula is pretty creamy. It comes in a tin about the same size as Burt’s