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A Few Candle Mini Reviews

OK, so are you ready for some quick and dirty candle fragrance reviews? Here you go!

Aura Radiant

Aura Radiant – Notes listed include grapefruit, goji berry and bergamot. Retails for $26.

This is one tart berry! Somebody add some vodka to this, it would be delicious! Grapefruit lovers should like this one. I’m not even a grapefruit lover and I ended up buying this. Great price and great quality.

Aquiesse Black Coco Havana

Aquiesse Black Coco Havana -Notes listed… Continue reading | 19 Comments

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Jonathan Adler Pop Collection Candles – Mini Reviews

I’m one of those people that has always had this strange obsession with all things campy, vintage and well, sleazy. I’ve always loved low-brow art, thrift store crap and huge prints. Yes, in the 90’s I wore polyester (what was I thinking?!). Because of my love of camp, I love Jonathan Adler and his design. I love the Palm Beach quirkiness and how he can jazz up those ugly Brady Bunch houses. He and I are about the same age, I don’t want to go there because he’s insanely successful and I’m not. What I’m trying to say is that he glam’d up… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Like Hobnail Milk Glass: Jonathan Adler Vases

I love these vases by Jonathan Adler. The Kiki De Montparnasse is so fab and retails for $350 (the rounder one on the top row).  The Georgia vase (more of the cylinder shape) goes for $450. Both are from the Muse Collection. There is also a Georgia lamp which looks just like the vase but with a shade. The lamp is $550. There is a Georgia Cookie Jar but the lid bothers me because it looks much too vaginal (supposed to be lips with a tongue sticking out but he knew what he was doing, you don’t have to be… Continue reading