Von Eusersdorff New York Classic Vetiver EDP Perfume Review

Von Eusersdorff Classic Vetiver

Von Euserdorff is a line of modern “classic” perfumes. And they really do that so well. The fragrances are simple, but that is their strength. These are the sort of classic fragrances that I see myself wearing on a daily basis, like the perfume equivalent of wardrobe staples. Classic Vetiver really is a classic vetiver.

Classic Vetiver is like a peppery vetiver with sharp, lemon-y resins. It’s like a bright, citrus vetiver with a sharp, green geranium. The heart is spicy and dry with black… Continue reading


Pierre Balmain Monsieur Balmain EDT Perfume Review

Balmain Monsieur Balmain

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

When it becomes summer, I wear rather boring perfumes. I have a limited rotation of da da dum….CITRUS! I’m always saying that I dislike citrus, blah, blah but in reality when it gets hot here, I only wear boring ‘ole citrus. Those in my boring summer rotation include Jean Naté, Mugler Cologne, 4711 and Monsieur Balmain.

Monsieur Balmain opens as neon lemons. Big honking lemons. And then it’s this weird dusty caraway aromatic thing going on… Continue reading | 7 Comments