JoAnne Bassett Serendipity Natural Parfum Review

Joanne Bassett Serendipity

Serendipity is a perfume in JoAnne Bassett’s More Life Collection, a line of all-natural parfums.

Serendipity opens with a hay-like rose and sliced cucumbers. With time I get a spicy neroli and mimosa that’s almost salty – French florals touched by sea. The dry-down is warm with vanilla and incense woods. Serendipity starts out bright and dries down to something more sultry or like “evening” wear.

Serendipity is one of those fragrances that needs some heat. I’m not talking about warm weather necessarily, but it… Continue reading | 7 Comments


JoAnne Bassett Vert EDP Natural Perfume Review

JoAnne Bassett Vert

Joanne Bassett Vert is a perfume in the More Life Collection. Vert is a nice alternative for those that are looking for a natural fougère with a twist.

Vert opens with herbs and a sharp lavender.  It’s a refreshing “green” fragrance with dazzling citrus. Vert gets sweeter with wear. It’s not like dessert-sweet but it’s a balsamic vanilla that is a pleasant contrast to the bitter green citrus. Vert wears as herbal sweet. The dry-down is a boozy tonka-vanilla with cocoa powder.

If you like… Continue reading | 7 Comments


JoAnne Bassett Intimacy EDP Natural Perfume Review

Joanne Bassett Intimacy

You don’t smell perfumes like JoAnne Bassett Intimacy being made anymore. There’s a few reasons for that. Large companies want to  make things that sell. Classic smelling perfumes and chypres never do well in focus groups and this is where big companies get their “inspiration” from The other thing is that IFRA has banned real oakmoss. In a way we’re making the chypre go extinct. JoAnne Bassett has started the Chypre Preservation Program with Intimacy.

Intimacy opens with an “oily” citrus with vintage floral and a hint… Continue reading | 5 Comments


JoAnne Bassett Ecstasy Natural Parfum Review

JoAnne Bassett Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a new perfume in the JoAnne Bassett More Life Collection. Ecstasy to me is the utmost “pampering” fragrance. Wearing it is like having a fan club. I’m surrounded by gourmet chocolates, bouquet of roses and the sweetest smelling perfumes.

Ecstasy reminds me of gourmet truffles. In the opening I get chocolates with various fluffy fillings of orange, mint, candied ginger and lavender. You can’t just choose one…With time I get a creamy floral, heavy on the rose, with lush aromatics. The dry down… Continue reading | 3 Comments