Parfumerie Generale 19 Louanges Profanes Perfume Review

Parfumerie Generale 19

Parfumerie Générale Louanges Profanes is a perfume wreathed in Biblical symbolism. When I wear the perfume, this makes sense. It’s somewhere between a pious grand-tante and Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection.

Louanges Profanes opens with a mothball-like lily and a lacquered jewelry chest. To summarize, it’s an indolic floral with sparkling notes and smooth woods. The floral is a funeral-style Asiatic lily, which I love. Louanges Profanes takes me all over the place. It starts to remind me of cherry-scented lip balm and nag champa incense (how angsty 13… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Edward Bess Spanish Veil Perfume Review

Edward Bess Spanish Veil

Edward Bess is best known for his makeup line of beauty staples (and his perfect hair that looks like its straight from a Romanticism painting). In 2016, the brand launched three perfumes. I don’t really expect for makeup brands to be able to do everything. Frankly, my expectations were low. To my surprise, these perfumes are excellent. Not just one perfume, but all of them. It’s a rarity for a brand to have good makeup, skincare and perfumes.

Spanish Veil opens as a dry, creamy… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Phoenix Botanicals Bonfire Rose Natural Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Bonfire Rose

Phoenix Botanicals Bonfire Rose is a fragrance inspired by summer: warm winds, lush florals and bonfire smoke. It’s mid-August and this summer hasn’t been great for me. I just now feel like summer has started and here I am mourning it prematurely. I want warm winds and bonfires. I want to drink pale ales, exchange laughter and swat mosquitoes. And then wake up with smoky smelling hair.

Bonfire Rose opens as an astringent “green” citrus that reminds me of brewing an herbal blend tea. It’s… Continue reading


Saffron James Nani EDP Perfume Review

Saffron James Nani

It’s gloomy, dreary, gray and cold. I’m sick of it. So, last week I ran off to Puerto Rico. It was awesome. Now I’m back in the land of gloom, drear, gray and cold. Time to spray on Saffron James Nani.

Nani is a huge, heady Hawaiian floral and that was exactly what I wanted. The jasmine in this is perfectly indolic. The plumeria has a naturally spicy quality. The lily is huge and I can smell its pollen. With time the ylang ylang begins… Continue reading | 4 Comments