Jazmin Sarai Solar’1 Perfume Review

Jazmin Sarai Solar'1 perfume review

Jazmin Sarai is an indie perfume house that focuses on “immersive experiences”. So, it’s a brand that likes to connect scent to visual and auditory arts. Years ago, I had tried the brand when it was launched and I was impressed. Since then the brand has launched some more perfumes and I’m finally trying them. Solar’1 is a perfume inspired by D’Angelo’s Africa (2000).

Solar’1 is spicy. It… Continue reading


Jazmin Sarai Neon Graffiti EDP Perfume Review

Jazmn Sarai Neon Graffiti

Jazmin Saraï is a new niche Canadian perfume line that inspired by scent and sound. Earlier this year, I wrote a review of Otis & Me, a perfume inspired by Otis Redding’s “Cigarettes and Coffee”. Neon Graffiti is the modern floral out of the quartet that is inspired by M.I.A.’s “Sunshowers”.

Neon Graffiti opens with bitter tomato leaves and grapefruit zest. Cool spices and crisp, garden greens. The heart is a dewy, cool floral. This heart is familiar but I can’t figure out… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Jazmin Sarai Otis & Me EDP Perfume Review

Jazmin Sarai Otis & Me

Jazmin Saraï is a new line of Canada-based indie perfumes that explores scent and sound. Music is the inspiration for the perfumes.One would think that music has inspired many perfumes since we do use musical terms to describe perfumes – notes and perfumers have their perfumer’s organ, but it seemed that perfume has strayed from that over time. Most popular launches focus on whatever they think will pass in a focus group and use “trendy” inspirations and buzzwords. Anyway, Otis & Me is inspired by Otis… Continue reading | 5 Comments