Florascent Kokiku EDP Perfume Review

Florascent Kokiku

Florascent Kokiku is a fruity gourmand in the Kyoto Collection. This entire line is new to me and I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and balance of Kokiku.

Kokiku is a delicate green tea floral. It’s a rather abstract, wearing as fresh and sheer fruity tea with a gourmand rose. The feel of Kokiku is Ellena-esque. It dries down to something that reminds me of the most delicate of white tea leaves.

My perfume tastes have been leaning towards the sheer and abstract lately, so… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Chidoriya Japanese Oil-Blotting Face Paper Review

My husband made a very special Beautyhabit order for me. To get free shipping he added these blotting sheets to the cart because “the packaging is cute”. I agree. I use blotting sheets daily ( less now that I’m using a Smashbox primer, but more of that later). I haven’t used Chidoriya blotting sheets before. I usually use Papier Poudré, Boscia, or budget sheets from Daiso.

Chidoriya is Japanese cosmetic company founded in 1949 in Kyoto to supply Maiko dancing girls and Geishas. Chidoriya Oil-Blotting Face Papers… Continue reading


Mistral Lychee Rose Perfume Review


Rose Week: Feb. 7-11

For some reason, I have always liked Mistral Litchi Rose or Lychee Rose, well in soap form.  I’ve bought a few bars of soap in this fragrance for gifts. But, I never tried the fragrance even though I’ve been tempted many times at Anthropologie. I’m usually not one to love/like fruity florals, especially “light” and sweet fruity florals. After giving it some thought, Mistral Lychee Rose reminds me of a being a little girl in a Sanrio store. Mistral Lychee Rose is like Japanese candies and scented erasers.

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Shiseido Hydro Powder Eye Shadow Doesn't Budge

I love this stuff. It wears for a long time and it doesn’t crease! You can’t say that about every cream shadow on the market. This stuff comes in a cool glass pot and a little goes a long way. It is a creamy super shimmery formula that once applied to the lid turns more powdery and budge proof. It looks wonderful with powder shadows layered over and it makes a great shadow base. They do not make the lids feel oily. There are alot of colors to choose from. I have a… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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Fresh Rice Sake Bath: Eau the Luxury!

Fresh Sake Bath

I wish I could write a bad review of this since it so expensive and I need to talk myself out of buying another one. (It retails for $82 for about 13 ounces of fluid, that is some expensive sake.) Fresh Rice Sake Bath comes in a beautiful but simple glass bottle. It detoxifies and renews the body and leaves the skin feeling lovely. It contains 50% sake, pine, ginger, daikon, spearmint, pomegranate and valerian. Sounds like one heck of a mixed sake drink. For years sake has… Continue reading