Cartier Les Heures de Cartier: L’Heure Folle X EDT Perfume Review

Cartier L'Heure Folle perfume

Cartier has Les Heures de Parfum Collection. It’s a collection of more “exclusive” perfumes (AKA in fewer doors). I’ve tried quite a few of them and I’m actually surprised by how many of them that I like. For example, I like L’Heure Folle, a fruity (sans florals) fragrance.

L’Heure Folle is sulfuric with grapefruit and currants. The opening is like freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with grenadine (sugary pomegranate). And this may sound boring to you, but it isn’t to me. This is a fruity scent… Continue reading


Tauer PentaChord Verdant EDT Perfume Review

Tauer Pentachord Verdant EDT

The Tauer PentaChord series contains three perfumes. These perfumes contain 5 ingredients each. These are Tauer’s “simplified” creations.

I was hesitate to try the PentaChords since “simplified” rarely gets my attention. I’m so over the “one molecule” gimmick in the perfume world (Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume, Escentric Molecules, etc). Samples of these have ended up in my hands. Surprisingly, Verdant is not simple. Not simple at all.

Verdant is weird. When I first smell it, I get mint, crushed ivy leaves… Continue reading | 11 Comments


Azzaro Chrome EDT Perfume Review

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

I will never understand why the mainstream fragrance industry thinks men want to smell like metals and other impersonal, machine-like things. I also don’t understand why the industry only wants mean to smell like hedione and metallic, cold showers. I want my partner to smell warm, approachable, cuddly. Azzaro Chrome is as soft, cuddly, and approachable as the Silver Surfer – cold and stand-offish but with a masculine six pack!

Chrome opens up as cool… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Divine L’Infante EDP Perfume Review

Parfums Divine L’Infante is a delicate floral perfume that is quaint and lovely like a country English cottage covered in ivy. The cool florals, crisp greens, and powdery vanilla make L’Infante an easy to wear powdery floral even during summer heat.

I would say that L’Infante is “soft”. I spilled about half the tester vial on myself and I wasn’t overwhelmed. The opening is pretty, powdery peony entwined with wild ivy greenness. There’s a thickness to L’Infante, like densely growing ivy. This ivy accord gives a… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Desire Perfume Review

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Fragrance

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Desire is a generic floral, not much of a surprise. This was the 2007 FiFi Award Winner of Fragrance of the Year. I would say that the FiFi Awards don’t really give out awards to interesting blends. Dream Angels Desire isn’t offensive or gross. It is just so dull and boring. It seriously just smells like “modern” perfume. Something that you would wear just to smell “good”, you really aren’t interested in your options.

At first… Continue reading | 1 Comment