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INeKe Floral Curiosities Scent Library Sample Set Video Review

When INeKe Perfumes launched the Floral Curiosities fragrance collection, I reviewed them. And there were quite a few that I wanted to buy.

Now all five of the perfumes are available in an amazingly adorable limited edition Scent Library. You get five samples that are in a 2.5 ml sprayer. It’s housed in a vintage looking hardback book with library cards that describe each of the fragrances. These are ridiculously cute in person so I had to make a video to show you.


Ineke Gilded Lily EDP Perfume Review

INeKe Gilded Lily EDP Perfume

Ineke Gilded Lily wears like a still life to me even though it does progress and change with wear. What I mean is that it reminds me of a painting with dense, saturated colors. It’s a dark table draped in rich embroidered velvet. On the table is a gold bowl of ripe fruits, a vase of blooming lilies and a rustic candelabra.

Gilded Lily opens with tart fruits and a sulfuric grapefruit. Underneath this is a hint of chypre – moss and patchouli. The top is… Continue reading | 5 Comments


INeKe Floral Curiosities Sweet William EDP Perfume Review

INeKe Sweet William Floral Curiosities Perfume

The Floral Curiosities Collection is a collaboration between INeKe perfumes and Anthropologie. I reviewed the entire collection last year. There were many in the collection that I enjoyed. This year, Sweet William has been added.

Sweet William opens with a boozy peach. And then it starts to become baked spiced peaches. It reminds me of late summer/early fall. It’s still bright and the weather is mild but you know fall is coming. You see it in the way the shadows… Continue reading | 7 Comments

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EauMG’s Mother’s Day 2012 Gift Guide

Elizabeth Taylor with Son

I admit that I like to make gift guides for people that like buying perfumes and products in pretty packaging. I also like to make glamorous gift guides. This is my Mother’s Day 2012 Gift Guide for the mom’s of people that love to buy perfume.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Guerlain & Emilio Pucci Powder Brush – I couldn’t resist this limited edition summer collection by Guerlain and Pucci, two of my favorite… Continue reading | 16 Comments


Ineke Floral Curiosities Perfume Collection Review

Ineke Floral Curiosities

Ineke Floral Curiosities is the latest collaboration between perfumer, Ineke Rühland, and lifestyle store, Anthropologie. You can find more info here. I hate to admit it, but I actually like Ineke Floral Curiosities better than the regular Ineke Alphabetical Series line up! I feel these 4 fragrances are broad and show Rühland’s range and her impeccability. This perfumer is a master of fruits and florals.

Angel’s Trumpet – Opens as a refreshing whole orange with crushed leaves. The heady white florals come in and it smells so… Continue reading | 11 Comments