Illuminum Tribal Black Tea EDP Perfume Review

Illuminum Tribal Black Tea

Illuminum Tribal Black Tea comes from the tribe of Earl Grey. This is a citrus black tea. And you know, you’d think that Perfume World would be saturated with those, but the Perfume World really isn’t.

Tribal Black Tea opens with a Earl Grey tea with an addition of lemon and cardamom. I sort of wish I were drinking it instead of wearing it…It wears as a linear Earl Grey and then dries down to a candied orange peel with a sheer amber.

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Illuminum Black Musk Haute Perfume EDP Review

Illuminum Black Musk Haute perfume

Black Musk is headshop-ish. This is my disclaimer. It’s also why I probably I like it. I have this soft spot for nag champa oils and unlabeled musk oils one would find in any esoteric shop sprinkled across America. These places were my first introduction to personal fragrance, so I have nostalgia for these sort of fragrances.

Black Musk opens as a balsamic cough medicine with what may be called “opium musk” from your favorite mystic shop or a fly Ethiopian corner market. It’s… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Illuminum Black Gardenia Haute Perfume EDP Review

Illuminum Black Gardenia

Demonic sweetness seeping from a gardenia petal.” That’s like the most black metal fragrance copy that I’ve ever read.

Illuminum Black Gardenia opens as a blue cheese-ish gardenia with this fuzzy peach. I can say that I’m smitten. I pick up on that tart, humid black currant. Let me add that this fragrance is thick and strong. This is not a sheer white floral. This one has some meat on its bones and some may argue too much meat on its bones. Black Gardenia is… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Illuminum White Gardenia Petals EDP Perfume Review

Illuminum White Gardenia Petals

Illuminum White Gardenia Petals gained overnight popularity as the perfume that Kate Middleton wore (supposedly) to her wedding. And then everyone with a princess fantasy went out and bought niche perfume like it was on a Black Friday sale. I have no idea how or why I ended up with a sample of White Gardenia Petals, but I have one. My sample is what you can purchase now and from what I understand, White Gardenia Petals today smells differently than it did before. Is… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Illuminum Taif Rose Haute Perfume Review

Illuminum Taif Rose EDP

Taif Rose is in Illuminum’s Haute Perfume line. This is the “high-end branch” of the line that is more directed to luxury customers and more “serious” sniffers. It’s not available in the U.S. at this moment but I imagine that it will be someday. Taif Rose is named after Ta’if, a city in Saudi Arabia known for their roses. And if you’ve been in the perfume game long enough, you’ll notice there are a few perfumes named after this region.

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