Humiecki & Graef Blask EDT Perfume Review

Humiecki & Graef Blask

In the perfume world, Humiecki & Graef are known for their esoteric perfume inspirations. And like I said in my Skarb review, I like these strange inspirations. But, I’m aware this is something that you’re attracted to or you aren’t. Blask is an amphibological perfume inspired by trust or “the deepest bond between human beings”. But, I think even if you have trust issues (I know I do) that you could still enjoy this fragrance.

Blask is red wine, barnyard and baklava. The… Continue┬áreading | 6 Comments


Humiecki & Graef Skarb EDT Perfume Review

Humiecki & Graef Skarb

My perfume loves range from the tried and trued classics from heritage brands like Guerlain and Caron to ultra-modern-synth-robot stuff from brands like CdG and CB I Hate Perfume. One of my favorite houses in the “ultra-mod” genre is Humieck & Graef because they go there. I’ve always thought if I were to start a brand it would be ridiculous. I’d be like: this is inspired by “puberty” and this one is inspired “existentialist angst and Jell-O molds. Come over here and smell my perfume inspired… Continue┬áreading | 14 Comments