Perfume Deals Roundup – November 2018

I haven’t posted one of these in a long time (a year to be exact) but apparently cooler weather makes me want to shop more. I find myself on a lot of sites and unfortunately (fortunately?) I have come across some deals. I thought I would share them with you since being a perfume blogger is also being an enabler.

There really isn’t a theme for this month other than “stuff I’ve been thinking about”:

D.S. Durga Debaser Oil

1.  D.S. & Durga Pocket Perfume


Huitieme Art Myrrhiad EDP Perfume Review

Huitieme Art Myrrhiad

I’m a quirky one. A few years ago, I decided that I was only going to wear “red juice’¹. I purchased samples of all the perfumes that I could find with a red liquid. this resulted in me having a nice collection of myrrh-centric perfume samples. You can’t tell it because the bottles are beautiful opaque porcelain, but Huitième Art Myrrhiad is a red perfume.

Myrrhiad opens with black licorice candies rolled in powdered sugar. What always surprises me about Myrrhiad is how gourmand it is… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Huitieme Art Fareb EDP Perfume Review

Huitieme Art Fareb

Huitième Art Fareb is one of those fragrances that I would lump in the same category as Dior Eau Noire and Serge Lutens Arabie. And this category would be “smells like grandma’s house”. These are foody, spicy scents that remind me of grandma’s suppers.

Fareb opens as a spicy cumin laced curry over dried fruits. Yes, it’s armpit fruits. And yes, I like this. I pick up on dry but honeyed woods and some ginseng funk – earthy dankness. The heart seems cedary/astringent woods. The base… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Huitieme Art Ciel d’Airain EDP Perfume Review

Huitieme Ciel d'Airain EDP

Ciel d’Airain is the most figgy thing ever but it doesn’t openly admit that it’s figgy. Fig perfumes are some of my favorites. Why be ashamed Huitième Art? Get figgy with it.

Ciel d’Airain opens up as a woody fig tree. I get the bark, the big and smooth green leaves and “fig milk”. And yes, there’s olive leaves mixed with these ripe fruit. Fig is usually milky or like coconut. In this perfume, it’s bitter and green with enough milkiness to make… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Huitieme Art Naiviris EDP Perfume Review

Huitieme Art Naiviris EDP

Huitième Art Naïviris is a simple fragrance with two accords listed that I’ve never sniffed before. I can’t find any info on “African red iris” and I’m only familiar with zebra wood in the context of fancy mod furniture. I have no clue what either of these things smell like in “real life” but here’s what Naïviris smells like:

Naiviris opens as with a lipstick waxiness and powdery iris that reminds me of the “makeup” in Dior Homme. It’s rooty and vegetal. Reminds me… Continue reading | 4 Comments