Heidi Klum Surprise EDT Perfume Review

Heidi Klum Surprise

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Here’s the newest offering from Heidi Klum. It’s called Surprise and I can’t help but giggle inside every time I read it or say it. It’s so campy. I say it my head just like “Pickle Surprise!”, an obscure reference but you can watch below if you want to pollute your brain with awesomeness. Even if you didn’t have Tom Rubnitz in your head, I think you can still see the camp. I have quite a few vintage cookbooks because I’m… Continue reading | 1 Comment

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Fragrance Freebie – Heidi Klum Shine EDT Giveaway

Heidi Klum Shine EDP

Happy Holidays!

Heidi Klum Shine is offering 5 lucky readers of EauMG a gift of 1.7 oz bottle of Heidi Klum Shine!

Here’s my review of this celebrity fragrance. Notes listed include mandarin, pear, pink peppercorn, mimosa absolute, muguet, sunflower, vanilla, Venezualan tonka bean and Cosmone musk. PERFUMERS – Auréien Guichard, Jean Guichard and Olivier Pescheux.

Shine, Heidi’s first American fragrance, is a long-wearing warm, powdery musk fragrance.

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Heidi Klum Shine EDT Fragrance Video Review

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

This month Heidi Klum launches her “first” perfume, Shine. I put that in quotations because I hear that she has launched perfumes in other countries before. This is her first big American launch. Watch the video review above for some of my favorite Heidisms. She is an entertaining gal. I do think she’s funny. Unlike other supermodels, we have gotten to “know” Heidi throughout the years from Project Runway. She says funny things. Are they intentionally funny? I don’t know. But, I really do like  her.