Heeley Sel Marin EDP Perfume Review

HEELEY Sel Marin

As I mentioned in my Perfume Picks for Summer 2013 video, I was slow to warm up to Heeley Sel Marin. It wasn’t that I disliked it, but I didn’t exactly “get” it when I tried it in 2008. It read to me as some nice citrus-cucumber thing made for summer holidays. Keep in mind, I’m from a landlocked state. One of the many reasons I moved was to smell saltwater. Now I never see myself ever living in a landlocked area again…and not just… Continue reading | 18 Comments


HEELEY Oranges & Lemons Say the Bells of St. Clement’s EDP Perfume Review

HEELEY Oranges & Lemons

Why does the name of this perfume have to be so long? For the sake of this review, we will call HEELEY Oranges & Lemons Say the Bells of St. Clement’s by the name of St. Clements. I can’t deal with typing that over and over. It’s a phrase that is more fun to say than type.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this fragrance opens with citrus. It’s a bitter citrus with tons of lemons and then a fresh neroli appears. This isn’t surprising… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Heeley Hippie Rose EDP Perfume Review

HEELEY Hippie Rose

I think with the name like HEELEY “Hippie Rose” many people expect something with tons of patchouli or something that smells very earthy and dirty. Hippie Rose is not a dirty hippie. It’s never camped out but it does view the scenery and it just may consider glamping. It’s more of a Rachel Zoe bohemian rose than a Janis Joplin rose. Seriously, this perfume is sooo Rachel Zoe or Nicole Ritchie. It’s modern California boho.

Hippie Rose opens a sharp green, citrus rose with tart… Continue reading | 3 Comments


HEELEY Bubblegum Chic Parfum Extrait Perfume Review

Heeley Bubblegum Chic

Bubblegum niche. This doesn’t bother me. I love kitsch and I think there should be more humour in the perfume world. Bubblegum Chic has the components of a traditional, feminine white floral with the addition of clean musks and fruits that all of the kids are into these days. Right?

Bubblegum Chic is a sweeter white floral. It opens with indolic jasmine and cooling tuberose with peaches. The jasmine in this is intense. The tuberose is intense. But, that’s what I expected. Even though I… Continue reading | 7 Comments


HEELEY Cardinal EDP Perfume Review

Heeley Cardinal perfume

Heeley Cardinal is a “church” incense fragrance. Unlike others in this genre that I’ve sniffed, Cardinal has a brightness, it’s optimistic and sunlight shines through the stained glass.

Cardinal opens with citrus and pine-like aldehydes. It has a “brighter”, crisp incense opening – lemon/frankincense/tons of aldehydes. The heart is ” church incense” or at least how imagine church incense would smell (I really don’t know). The incense is dry. Overall this is a simple, pure, “clean” incense fragrance. The dry-down is a powdery, dry incense… Continue reading | 3 Comments