Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur EDP Perfume Review

Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur

Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur isn’t one of those perfumes that jumped out at me when I first tried it. I thought it was pleasant and that’s as far as my thoughts went. And then David started wearing it. He picked it on his own. Aren’t you pleased at the perfumisto that I’ve created? You should be. I’m revisiting this perfume years after its launch and I’m surprised it didn’t “wow me” initially¹.

Cuir Pleine Fleur opens as violets, hay and leather.  It has a hint of vetiver motor… Continue reading | 9 Comments


EauMG’s Mint Perfume Guide

mint perfume guide

The weather here has been mild so far and I’m not complaining. We don’t have a/c and I don’t want to sweat it out. I’ve put together a mint perfume guide before the hot weather hits. I need to be prepared.

Mint has a high content of menthol. And menthol is sort of magical. It activates cold-sensitive receptors in the skin and that’s what gives it that cooling sensation.

Now this cooling effect is awesome in the summer but mint is tricky. I don’t want to… Continue reading | 21 Comments


HEELEY Ophelia EDP Perfume Review

Heeley Ophelia

For some reason I’ve always had issues with beautiful perfumes. I’m drawn to perfumes with some ugliness to them – cumin, leather, filthy indoles. Over the past year, I’ve fully embraced beautiful perfumes – perfumes more beautiful than reality, perfumes that don’t seem to belong on earth. HEELEY Ophélia could be a perfume that fits into this category. Its fault is that it is so beautiful that it seems unworldly. It’s so perfect that it makes me nervous. ¹

Ophelia opens as a big, fresh floral. It’s a… Continue reading | 10 Comments


HEELEY L’Amandière Parfum Extrait Perfume Review

HEELEY L'Amandiere Perfume

Purple Flowers Week 2014

HEELEY L’Amandière is described as “Extrait de Spring” – “green almond trees in blossom, bluebells, hyacinths, spring flowers, rose, green grass and tilia“. It pretty much describes the environment that I wish I were in right now.

L’Amandière is a light, sheer fragrance. It opens with an almost “green” heliotrope and iced linden blossom water. It’s delicate. It’s spring greens peeking out of cool earth and fruit trees covered in a “snowstorm of petals”. The almond is “floral marzipan”. There’s indolic… Continue reading | 3 Comments


HEELEY Figuier EDP Perfume Review


For personal and sentimental reasons, I must try all of the figs. So far, this has ended up with me owning all of the figs…

HEELEY Figuier is one that I need to add to my collection of figs.

The opening of Figuier is not my favorite when it comes to fig scents. It’s like coconut and sweet pickles and dried anise. I get a whiff of Armenian cucumbers and then it all sort of mellows out into this dense, rich fig. I notice that… Continue reading | 9 Comments