Harvey Prince Eau de Crème EDP Perfume Review

Harvey Prince eau de Creme

Harvey Prince Eau de Crème is an ice cream inspired perfume. Guess what? Research concludes that humans like ice cream because ice cream is good. Read the adcopy on Harvey Prince’s website for more info about how humans love ice cream.

Eau de Crème is a gourmand and that’s what I expect from a perfume inspired by sweet treats. It opens with pineapple and passion fruit “sorbet” (more like fruit punch) over patchouli bread pudding. As you can imagine, this is… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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Get The Look of Raven Haired Beauty Hedy LaMarr

September 1943

Who doesn’t want to look like a totally hot babe actress and totally hot babe scientist? Seriously.

FACE: While you are working on your canvas, apply a nourishing lip balm like Yu-Be Lip Balm. This is important because this is a matte lip look and lips need to be moist and chap-free. Hedy’s complexion is matte and flawless. First even out complexion with a matte foundation such as YSL Matt Touch Foundation. Apply concealer where needed. Estee Lauder Smoothing Creme