Opus Oils Spank Natural Perfume Review

Hedy Lamarr

Opus Oils is an indie perfume brand located in Hollywood. If you dig through my archives, you’ll see that I have reviewed quite a few things from the brand. Spank is a perfume in the Fetish Collection. The brand works in mixed media compositions but does offer all-natural compositions as well. Spank is one of the all-natural perfumes.

Spank is animalic. Should that be any surprise with a name like “spank”?! Spank is a natural leather perfume. I admit at first, it’s odd. It’s camphoric/green but sweet… Continue reading


Papillon Tobacco Rose EDP Perfume Review

Papillon Tobacco Rose

ROSE WEEK 2017 – A Rose Chypre

It’s Rose Week on EauMG! This is the annual celebration of rose-centric perfumes! This week I’m reviewing 6 fragrances that display a different aspect of rose perfumes.

I’m not really one to keep secrets, but I do like a perfume that seems like it has more than a few secrets. Papillon Tobaccco Rose is one of these perfumes. It’s a dark “Neo-Noir” rose chypre that wears like a femme fatale peering out of the shadows.

Tobacco Rose opens… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Hiram Green Voyage EDP Natural Perfume Review

Hiram Green Voyage

Voyage is a new limited edition natural perfume by Hiram Green that is inspired by India that’s “as opulent as Octopussy’s floating palace on Lake Pichola“. It resides in a place where fantasy meets reality. For me, Voyage brings to mind wonderful vintage perfumes of the early 1980’s. It’s glistening citrus, sumptuous spices and this amazing velvet-y amber base. It’s multi-layered and is one of those “they don’t make ’em like they used to” perfumes. But, oh yes, they do.

Voyage opens with a lactonic peach and… Continue reading | 14 Comments


Viktoria Minya Eau de Hongrie EDP Perfume Review

Viktoria Minya Eau de Honogrie

Viktoria Minya has launched three new perfumes. I absolutely loved the line’s first offering, Hedonist, so I looked forward to sampling theseI was initially drawn to Eau de Hongrie, a perfume inspired by the perfumer’s Hungarian heritage. It’s a modern take on the traditional blend of “Eau de la Reine de Hongrie”, a medieval tonic of rosemary steeped in wine, and the sweet Hungarian dessert wine, Tokaji. And that explains why this perfume is in… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Harvey Prince Eau de Crème EDP Perfume Review

Harvey Prince eau de Creme

Harvey Prince Eau de Crème is an ice cream inspired perfume. Guess what? Research concludes that humans like ice cream because ice cream is good. Read the adcopy on Harvey Prince’s website for more info about how humans love ice cream.

Eau de Crème is a gourmand and that’s what I expect from a perfume inspired by sweet treats. It opens with pineapple and passion fruit “sorbet” (more like fruit punch) over patchouli bread pudding. As you can imagine, this is… Continue reading | 2 Comments