Destination Inspiration – Perfumes Inspired by Hawaii

Hawaii perfumes

Here I go again featuring a Destination Inspiration of a place that I’ve never visited. I must fix this. It really does look like paradise.

One of the odd things that I’ve noticed about people that have traveled to Hawaii is that they want to tell you what it smells like. When I speak with people that just traveled to Alaska, New York or Paris, they don’t volunteer to tell me what they smelled while they were there. When I talk to people that have just traveled… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Saffron James Ipo Perfume Review

Saffron James Ipo Perfume

Ipo is the fifth fragrance by niche fragrance line, Saffron James. It’s “romantic and tranquil like a moonlit beach or a Saturday afternoon”, so the line states. The name, ipo, means “sweetheart” in Hawaiian.

Ipo is a floral perfume. It opens as this green violet and fresh rose. But, there is a fresh spiciness that reminds me of freshly sliced ginger. The rose warms up and mixes with fresh lemongrass. The ginger and lemongrass make Ipo “sparkle” like green tea fragrances do. My impression of… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Demeter Kahala Blue Hawaiian Cologne Review

Demeter Blue Hawaiian

Demeter Kahala Blue Hawaiian Cologne is the epitome of a fruity, resort style cocktail. It is super tropical and sweet. It smells just like sweetened pineapple juice. You know, the kind from the can. It’s bitter and sweet and has that metallic tang, “fresh” from the can. It smells lush and a bit “fuzzy”. It is so sweet and syrupy that it even smells a bit sticky. It smells like the real deal, in fact better. I’ve always been intrigued by a Blue Hawaiian but I refuse… Continue reading