NY NOW Summer 2015 Wrap-up

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Last week I went to NY Now which is a large home, lifestyle and gift trade show. I call it the “Acres of Soy Candles Event” because that’s why I go. I go for the candles.

Let me start out by apologizing for the lack of pictures. My phone’s battery was so low and honestly, when I’m at these things I get so distracted by stuff that I forget to take pictures. Plus, some exhibitors don’t like for photos to be taken.

Here were some highlights… Continue reading | 16 Comments


Pirouette Moss Garden Natural EDP Perfume Review

Pirouette Moss Garden perfume

Pirouette is a Seattle-based perfume and body care line. If you like naturals, try this line. I’m a huge fan of Rose Musk and Jasmine Musk. Moss Garden is described as being like a “cologne” because it is crisp. (It isn’t the concentration of a cologne).

Moss Garden wears on me as moss, bitter greens and warm citrusy florals. There’s a touch of earth and dry cedar. Most of the wear of Moss Garden is citrus meets forest


Announcing Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit at Blackbird

In 2012, I fell out of love and back in love with the Pacific Northwest. What is keeping me around? Mountains, good food, creative people…and oh, my husband’s job. Seriously, the PNW is filled with creative people. I have my theories. I believe that creativity takes risk. #1 – It’s pioneer land with an adventurer spirit. Read spirit as ADHD which I think has been inherited and we have this group of risk takers. We have this population of risk takers. #2 – You can take a risk when you feel more financially secure. We have a great economy… Continue reading | 5 Comments

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Linnea Lights Luxe Gift Set Soy Candle Review

Linnea Lights is a line of soy candles owned by a mother and daughter in Indiana. Each vessel is hand-poured and made in small patches.

I’m reviewing the Luxe gift set that contains 3 travel sized candles in a glass vessel. The box is very “eco-luxe” and gives a nice presentation if you are using this as a gift.

Linnea Lights candle gift set

AmberRich amber blended with Egyptian musk

Amber is a sweet vanilla amber with a hint of doughy florals. This is… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Roxana Illuminated Perfume Green Witch Review

Roxana Illuminated Perfume Green Witch

Naturals Week – April 22-29th

Green Witch by Roxana Illuminated Perfume is a green chypre inspired by the sea. The scent is inspired by the book, The Greenwitch by Susan Cooper.

The perfume is green, very green. The liquid even has a slight greenness. Green Witch opens with bitter galbanum and a bright bergamot. It’s a sharp green scent. There’s a hint of rose, a damp rose. The scent smells wild, untamed. It reminds me of vines… Continue reading | 9 Comments