EauMG’s April 2016 Empties

EauMG April 2016 Empties


April was a very busy month. I spent weeks in Tennessee to help with my mother’s recovery. As you can see, this impacted my “empties”. I wasn’t home to use up products. Products, in general, weren’t on my mind.

When I stay with my family, I usually buy cheap products when I’m there instead of packing stuff. Overall, I was doing really well this month not buying things. At the end of the month, I went to Home Goods/Marshalls because David keeps breaking every… Continue┬áreading | 16 Comments

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Boxwalla Beauty Box Review – December


Boxwalla is a new box subscription service. Or you can buy them one-time. What makes Boxwalla different than a lot of other services is that there are four themes or interests: Beauty, Book, Food and Film. The boxes are available every two months and you can choose which type of box you’d like.

The Beauty Box focuses on cruelty-free, artisanal products. Because of that, I think it will introduce people to a lot of small, high-quality brands that they may otherwise not try.

Boxwalla sent me… Continue┬áreading | 19 Comments


EauMG’s September 2015 Empties

September 2015 Empties


September was still rather warm here but it was milder, less humid. And then October arrived and the temps dropped. It’s like Mother Nature just knows when there’s a season change or something. I think she may have some experience with these sort of things ­čÖé

In September,┬á┬áI ended up splurging on more than I should have. I made a large ColourPop order. I love their lip products. I ended up taking advantage of┬áBarneys “Love Yourself” event when you get… Continue┬áreading | 4 Comments


EauMG’s July 2015 Empties

July 2015 Empties

I put myself into an informal “no buy” in July. I was doing really well until about the middle of the month. David needed me to order him some skincare. And I did. But, I added a couple of items for myself too. Oops. I also ended up buying some liquid lipsticks at Ricky’s and some sheet masks in K-Town. I’ll be more serious about it in August.

I’ve decided in July that I need to “tackle” some of these samples… Continue┬áreading | 12 Comments


EauMG’s March 2015 Empties

EauMG March Empties

March was one of the busiest months that I’ve had in many, many years. I’m going to take a break from unpacking and get my March Empties post together. I’ll give you a full update in my “Favorites” post, but I thought I’d let you know that we’ve officially moved. We have an address in New Jersey now. David started work and seems to like the new company a lot. I hang around this drafty, empty place trying to figure out what we need to… Continue┬áreading | 12 Comments