Phlur Moab EDP Perfume Review

Phlur Moab

Phlur is a new brand of perfumes located in Austin, Texas. As someone that has been writing a perfume blog since 2008, I’ve tried a lot of brands. Phlur claims to take the “BS out of fragrance buying”. That’s honorable, but what is the BS? I think Perfume People would describe what irks them about the perfume industry differently than someone that is the occasional perfume wearer. When you go to the site, there’s no notes listed. Instead it’s a playlist, lots of pictures of hot young people and… Continue reading | 17 Comments

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EauMG’s Favorite Masculine Fragrances for Men

This post is dedicated to all of the masucline perfumes that I enjoy smelling on men and not myself. I wear many masculine fragrances. I think Dior Homme, Caron Pour Un Homme and Chanel Pour Monsieur are some of the best masculines ever. BUT I wear these myself. This list is dedicated to those masculines that I absolutely adore and wouldn’t wear on myself. Why wouldn’t I wear them? They are just too darn masculine and “manly” for me. This are the ones I want to smell on a man.

[caption id=”attachment_12920″ align=”aligncenter” width=”350″ caption=”EauMG's favorite masculine… Continue reading | 51 Comments

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Halston Z-14 Cologne Fragrance Video Review

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Fragrance

Launched in 1976, Z-14 is a fragrance that contains every note in the universe. It’s loud and it throws. Because of this, it’s a polarizing fragrance. You either love or hate it. Or love it 50% of the time and hate it the rest of the time. I’m in the “love” team of Z-14. It’s a wonderful manly scent, very Boogie Nights, a perfume on the prowl in a discotheque.

Bottle and review of Halston Z-14 Cologne