Mojo Magique Pixie Rose EDT Perfume Review

Mojo Magique Pixie Rose

I’ve reviewed a few Mojo Magique perfumes in the past. Frankly, I was drawn to the line because they are based in Louisiana. Writing a perfume blog since 2008, I’ll say this, I rarely ever get to review brands based in the South. The majority of niche perfumes come from Europe or NYC. There are indies, mostly spread down both coasts. Brands from The South and Gulf Coast always stand out to me because I rarely come across them. Last year, Mojo Magique added… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Sospiro by Xerjoff Duetto EDP Perfume Review

Sospiro Duetto perfume

Sospiro is a niche fragrance line created by the niche fragrance line, Xerjoff. It is the line with the purple “peach fuzz” bottles.

Duetto opens with leathery florals. I get a brand new hand bag and rubbery ylang ylang. There’s a rush of spicy florals. And oud. The oud in this comes across as leathery. I get a little bit of the moss but not enough for my nose to say “chypre” but it’s moss.  The heart is a rich amber rose. The rose is slightly citrusy and the… Continue reading