Von Eusersdorff New York Classic Myrrh EDP Perfume Review

Von Euserdorff Classic Myrrh perfume

“This one is mine”, says my husband, a man that has minimal interest in fragrance. OK – I say “minimal” only in comparison to my obsessive perfume self.¬†Surprisingly, David has decent taste in perfume for a person that “doesn’t like perfume to an obsessive level.” His last couple of perfume purchases that he picked out all by himself were actually good compositions. He’s a food snob. I find that food snobs usually have good tastes in perfume.

“No, it’s mine. You can have… Continue¬†reading | 13 Comments


Smell Bent Never Never Land EDT Fragrance Review

Smell Bent Never Never Land EDT Review

Smell Bent Never Never Land is a fragrance featured in the Leisure Cruise Collection, a collection that takes our sniffers around the world. Never Never Land is inspired by the vast Australian Outback. It’s a resiny, balsamic woodsy unisex fragrance heavy on amber.

Never Never Land is a dry, incense-like scent with rich resins. I like it. I get lots of amber from Never Never Land. It isn’t that “creamy” amber often sniffed in women’s fragrances. It’s “crumbly” like an actual… Continue¬†reading | 8 Comments