Guess Seductive Sunkissed EDT Fragrance Review

Guess Seductive Sunkissed perfume

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular (limited edition) Perfume:

I’ve always been obsessed with style. And like the pop stars I’ve always admired, I like to reinvent myself…at least every 2 years. I go through these style stages. For the past few years I’ve been in a rut…I blame it on age and lack of inspiration. I’ve been there done that, you know. I’m feeling some inspiration again and I am going back to my mod 60’s – Japanese shibuya-kei stage. I want prints… Continue reading | 4 Comments

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Guess Seductive I’m Yours EDT Fragrance Video Review

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

You can watch my video review for comments on the “story” behind the fragrance. Really all you need to know is that Guess claims this is “sexy” stuff and that it is “youthful and sophisticated”. Keep that bit of info in your mind.

Guess Seductive I'm Yours ad

Seductive I’m Yours opens as “Hello, fruitichouli!” It has some woodiness but what stands out is a juicy passion fruit and orange. It’s sweet and syrupy. The patchouli is… Continue reading | 7 Comments

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NEW: Guess Seductive EDT Perfume

Guess Seductive perfume ad

This month Guess has launched Seductive a feminine woody floral amber perfume a scent that “teases the senses, captivates attention, and leaves a lingering sensation of addiction.”

Notes listed include bergamot, black currant, pear, orange flower, jasmine, Florentine orris, vanilla, olibanum, and cashmere wood.

I’ve always loved Guess ads with their 60’s va-va-voom tousled hair and sexy black eyeliner vibe reminding me of the iconic glamor of Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren. I’m always bummed by their clothes but the ads are lovely. I always get makeup inspiration from… Continue reading | 4 Comments