PK Perfumes Gold Leather EDP Perfume Review

PK Perfumes Gold Leather

PK Perfumes Gold Leather is an indie perfume that the perfumer meant to be “a beautifully glowing warm Leather”. Wearing Gold Leather, I’m reminded of Rio Carnival. It’s a colorful, dynamic leather fragrance.

To my surprise, Gold Leather opens as fruity and juicy yet the leather is immediately noticeable. Oddly enough, the leather reminds me of like a box of new sneakers since there is rubberiness to the scent (that I think is coming from the white florals). It’s succulent tropical fruits (like guava and… Continue reading | 7 Comments

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Votivo Jasmine Neroli & Azure Garden Candle Review

It’s Easter and I really should be stuffing my face with Cadbury Creme Eggs but before I start doing that, here’s two quick Votivo candle reviews:

Votivo Jasmine Neroli

Jasmine Neroli with notes of mandarin, guava, angelica, jasmine, tuberose, white musk, vanilla and woods.

This is a tropical fruit white floral.It’s a tart but syrupy guava over “clean” jasmine with a backdrop of vanilla and woods. I’m usually not a fan of “tropical” home fragrances but I like this one. It’s fun but isn’t a campy “poolside tiki… Continue reading


Smell Bent Remix Little Miss Panda Gets Lei’d EDP Perfume Review

Smell Bent Little Miss Panda Gets Lei'd

Last year, Smell Bent launched the Remix Project where old favorites where giving the “DJ Treatment”. The rest of the perfume world would call this a flanker, but flanker sounds so dirty! I’ll go with remix.

Little Miss Panda Gets Lei’d opens as a bright fruity jasmine with a dewy guava. With time the fragrance gets an overripe guava with delicate honeyed white florals. The dry down is more honeyed florals with a mix of skin-hugging musk. Overall, it’s a sheer… Continue reading


L’Artisan Parfumeur Fleur de Liane EDT Fragrance Review

L'Artisan Fleur de Liane perfume

Perfume people are picky. You know that. I think L’Artisan Parfumeur Fleur de Liane is a good perfume and possibly great IF (see, I’ve already started with the picky “ifs”) it it were half the price or IF I lived in a tropical climate.

Fleur de Liane opens as ozonic and green. It doesn’t remind me of a tropical Panamanian rainforest but instead dew covered grass on an early summer morning…that is part of a drugstore shampoo commercial set. Fleur de Liane becomes a fresh… Continue reading

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Korres Guava Body Butter Review

Korres Guava Butter

Korres Guave Body Butter is a great product for those with really dry skin. This is a super emollient and rich cream. It’s thick but easy to rub in if your skin is a little damp or just right out of the shower. It keeps skin moisturized and soft until the next day. It isn’t greasy, sticky, or icky. I like most of Korres products. They are gentle, natural, and of course, I like their smell. This Guava Body Butter… Continue reading | 2 Comments