Ineke Chemical Bonding EDP Perfume Review

Ineke Chemical Bonding Perfume

The third fragrance in INeKe’s Alphabetical Collection, Chemical Bonding EDP is one of those sheer citrus musk scents. It comes across as squeaky clean and frankly, chemical, but that should be no surprise. It’s in the name ūüôā Sometimes¬†we learn more about ourselves and what we like by figuring out what we don’t like. Chemical Bonding is one of those scents for me, even though I know it is a wonderful perfume for many people.

At initial spritz, Chemical Bonding reminds me of… Continue¬†reading | 8 Comments

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Anthousa Orchard Trio Home Ambiance Fragrance Review

Anthousa Orchard Home Ambiance Gift Set

Anthousa Orchard Home Ambiance Fragrance Trio contains 3 home fragrance diffusers in fresh, fruity fragrances. This gift set includes the following home scents:

Nectarine & Red Currant: Nectarine & Red Currant is a fruity, tart home fragrance. It smells like fuzzy, juicy peaches and tangy red currants. There’s a floralness to this fragrance, “generic” floral because of the mix of added woods. This is a bit of a “hissy”, energetic fragrance. This home fragrance reminds me of something from Victoria’s


Annick Goutal Petite Cherie Perfume Review

Annick Goutal Petite Ch√©rie is an adorable and carefree fragrance. It is very obvious that this is a fragrance for younger folks with its fun and sassy notes. And I find it no surprise that Annick Goutal created this fragrance for her daughter, Camille. It is a pretty fragrance and I find it an amazing “starter” fragrance. It’s a cute, joyous fragrance perfect for young girls because it isn’t “sensuous” and is far from “seductive”. However, its fresh and carefree notes appeal to women of all ages. It’s a light-wearing fragrance… Continue¬†reading | 4 Comments


DSH Perfumes Viridian Perfume Review

DSH Perfumes Viridian

DSH Perfumes Viridian is a fresh, green fragrance that is in the Chroma Colors collection. It is described as “Organic. Sultry. Enchanted”. I have to agree.

The top of Viridian is dry and green. It reminds me of dry, cut grass. I love hay/grassy scents so I am loving the top to this. It is slightly spicy and green. Yep, just like celery seed. Even though the scent reminds me of dried grass and spicy celery seed, it manages to feel cool and crisp, fresh and… Continue¬†reading | 2 Comments


TokyoMilk Poe’s Tobacco Parfum EDP Spray

I’ve got to stop blind-buying just because I like the packaging! I bought this Tokyomilk perfume because I loved the raven and it’s semi-goth-name, Poe’s Tobacco. As I put it into my cart, I imagine this would be a dark, moody fragrance with amber and smoky tobacco. Well, it’s nothing like that.

Poe’s Tobacco is far from goth. It’s a super green, energetic fragrance. It’s not a Cleopatra-eyelined beatnik. It’s a fun, outdoorsy gal. It’s a heady jasmine with crisp green tea leaves. There’s no tobacco. It’s a white floral… Continue¬†reading | 12 Comments