Aether Arts Strawberry Sling & Iris Laughs Perfume Reviews

I’m reviewing two fruity fragrances from indie brand Aether Arts.

Aether Arts Strawberry Sling


We don’t usually see indie or niche brands tackle strawberry in perfume. The opening of Strawberry Sling is like sipping limoncello in an herb garden. It’s like a sweet, syrupy lemon and mint. It’s also ozonic, like a breeze. Strawberry Sling becomes even more tangy with an addition of juicy strawberries accompanying the tart lemon zest. What I like about Strawberry Sling is that it has greenness from herbs that keep it fresh… Continue reading


Beckham Signature for Women EDT Fragrance Review

Beckham Signature for Her

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

I’m pretty sure that I was the last person on Earth to learn what a Beckham is. When we moved into our house, the neighbors kept calling us “The Beckhams” . We thought that somebody misunderstood us. It was odd but we kept letting it go on. Finally, one day at a BBQ my husband shared our last names (we do not share the same last name). One neighbor laughed. Noticing our blank expressions, she explained that… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Wine-O: Merlot Grape Seed Day Moisturizer Review


Merlot moisturizer


Sometimes I will stumble across something that I would of never, ever purchased in a million years. However, I will try it (usually by accident or random sample) and find that I really, really like it. This is one of those products.

I was in the local drugstore, picking up the usual necessities and drugstore faves. The nice teenie bopper behind the counter gave me a handful of samples. (I wasn’t aware that Walgreen’s even did this).  Weeks… Continue reading