Grandiflora Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine EDP Perfume Review

Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine

Grandiflora is a floral boutique in Australia. This year the boutique launched two different interpretations of magnolia-inspired perfumes, Michel and Sandrine.

Grandiflora Sandrine opens with sulfuric grapefruit with spicy pepper. To my surprise this one is all about the citrus – bright, spicy citrus. The heart is like a really luxurious laundry detergent – musk and clean florals. It goes through a stage that reminds me of gunpowder tea (smoky green tea). The dry-down is a stunning slightly-fruity musk that melds perfectly to my… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Grandiflora Magnolia Grandiflora Michel EDP Perfume Review

Grandiflora Michel

Grandiflora is a perfume line created by an Australian florist. Currently, the line consists of two perfumes inspired by magnolia, Michel and Sandrine. My experience with magnolia perfumes is that none of them smell like magnolia. I thought that I only thought this because I grew up with magnolia grandiflora. There are different varieties of magnolia and it’s possible they don’t smell like what I’m familiar with. Grandiflora Magnolia Grandiflora Michel is not like a southern magnolia. Instead it reminds me of a Dior Diorissimo for a modern era… Continue reading | 6 Comments