Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Rosa Pop Perfume Review

Guerlain Rosa Pop

Another Week of Roses! Rose Cheapies: 2019

Winter has left me feeling exceptionally “blah” this year so I’m basically trying to do anything that I think will remind that my feelings and this cold season are temporary. As a distraction, I did something I tell all of ya’ll not to do. I blind-bought perfumes. But, let me explain! I bought rose-centric perfumes from a discount site, all of them selling for under $25. That seems like less of a gamble, right? This week I will see if the blind-sniffing odds were stacked against


Chanel Les Exclusifs 1932 EDT Perfume Review

Chanel Les Exclusifs 1932

UPDATE – This is a review of the EDT. The fragrances have been reformulated and are now available in an EDP concentration. There are noticeable differences between the two formulations.

Chanel 1932 is inspired by first High Jewelry Collection. It’s a perfume inspired by jewels. And when it comes to perfumery, that’s not necessarily original. However, when it comes to jewels, I expect Chanel to interpret this better than anyone since this brand has never met an aldehyde that it didn’t like. And is there… Continue┬áreading | 5 Comments


DSH Perfumes Pamplemousse EDP Perfume Review

DSH Pamplemousse

I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of citrus perfumes. I rarely ever want to smell like citrus, there are a few exceptions, but as a whole, I don’t like them. And within the citrus genre, I have some notes that I really don’t like. Grapefruit is one of those. They are so difficult for me to wear. They are too sulfuric and well, “cat pee” for me. My skin hates grapefruit. But, there is an exception, my skin likes DSH Perfumes Pamplemousse.

Pamplemousse is a bitter citrus… Continue┬áreading | 2 Comments