Deco London Lawrence EDP Perfume Review

Deco London Lawrence

Deco London is a line of perfumes inspired by vintage style and the 1920’s. Unlike many modern niche lines, the fragrance has marketed its six fragrances as either “feminine” or “masculine”. For the most part, we all know this is marketing; fragrances are enjoyed by everyone. But, I see why the line did this since vintage perfumes were often marketed this way.

I found all three of the masculine fragrances to be well-done with a versatility that should have broad appeal. They’re the sort of scents that… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Al Haramain Obsessive Oudh & Arabian Treasure Perfume Reviews

Al Haramain Obsessive Oudh

Al Haramain is a Saudi perfume house founded in 1970. From what I understand, as of right now there isn’t a distributor in North America. However, the brand ships internationally.

I’m reviewing two perfumes in the Prestige Collection.

Obsessive Oudh with notes of musk, amber and oud.

This is barnyard oud. It’s animalic and musky. It has blue cheese, mushroom and decay. There’s a dry, cedar-like aspect that if anything, really adds to the “barnyard-ness” of this perfume’s opening. It dries… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Blackbird Broken Glass EDP Perfume Review

Blackbird Broken Glass

Broken Glass is the newest perfume from Seattle-based indie line, Blackbird. It was described to me as a floral/femme fragrance, an unexpected addition to Blackbird’s lineup. I’ve spent a few months trying it. And it’s an odd fragrance because what I’m perceiving is unlike many of the reviews I’ve since read. And this is why I love perfume. There are so many varied perceptions and experiences¹.

The opening of Broken Glass is loud. It’s a slap in the face of angelica which is green, bitter and like… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Von Eusersdorff New York Classic Vetiver EDP Perfume Review

Von Eusersdorff Classic Vetiver

Von Euserdorff is a line of modern “classic” perfumes. And they really do that so well. The fragrances are simple, but that is their strength. These are the sort of classic fragrances that I see myself wearing on a daily basis, like the perfume equivalent of wardrobe staples. Classic Vetiver really is a classic vetiver.

Classic Vetiver is like a peppery vetiver with sharp, lemon-y resins. It’s like a bright, citrus vetiver with a sharp, green geranium. The heart is spicy and dry with black… Continue reading


Diptyque Geranium Odorata EDT Perfume Review

Diptyque Geranium Odorata

I don’t even care for geranium as a note.So, when I saw the new Diptyque, Geranium Odorata, I didn’t go out of my way to sample it. To make a long story short, I ended up sampling it on a warm day on an impromptu sniffing spree. I was surprised by how much I was drawn to this fragrance. Maybe it was the heat, but I rather liked this fresh, cool tea-like scent.

Geranium Odorata opens with a bergamot and mint which reminds me of tea… Continue reading | 7 Comments