Jolie Laide Baisers Voles EDP Natural Perfume Review

Jolie Laide Baisers Voles review

I complain about this more than I should, but the perfume world is filled with really bad gardenia soliflores. This has to do with a few things, but I attribute most of it to laziness. Apparently, there is no such thing as a gardenia essential oil. So this means that gardenia in perfumery is either a synthetic aromachemical, some weird homemade tincture thing or it’s an accord created by the perfumer. I say “laziness” because gardenia takes work. Big houses rely on aromachemicals, that unfortunately… Continue reading | 4 Comments


JAR Jardenia Parfum Review

Jar Jardenia

In the basement of Bergdorf Goodman, tucked away, there’s a dark, dimly lit area. This is the JAR room¹. If you’re into perfumes, the “JAR Experience” is treated like some sort of cult initiation, something that you must do if you want to be taken seriously in the world of perfume. But, in reality, it’s just something that people that are really into perfume should try to do if they find themselves wanting to sniff perfume while they are in NYC or Paris.

I remember my JAR Experience… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Aftelier Cuir de Gardenia Extrait Natural Perfume Review

Aftelier Cuir de Gardenia

Aftelier Cuir de Gardenia is nothing like any commercial perfume with “gardenia” (and that is a compliment). When I wear it, I can’t believe that I ever once in my entire adult “perfume” life dismissed wearing white florals. I’ve always been a fan of synthetic and mixed media perfumes; however, it took the world of naturals to convince me that white florals are absolutely stunning. And the world of naturals convinced me that “white floral” is not… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Daniella Parfums 4D Perfume Oil Review

Daniella 4D perfume

Daniella 4D is a new perfume by Parfums by Daniella. After reading the name, Daniella Pavicic, in a press release, it hit me that this Daniella perfume is the perfume of dance musician, Daniella. It’s always a pleasure to see your little “niche interests” collide like this. After her signature perfume was discontinued, Daniella, with her entrepreneur spirit, had a new signature created.

4D opens with chocolate covered almonds and toasted coconut. 4D has a “lift” from a subtle cucumber and a tart cassis… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Kat Burki Tubéreuse EDP Perfume Review

Kat Burki

Kat Burki is a line that prides themselves for their “modern take on classics”. I’ve only tried one fragrance from the line, but I see this. When I tried Tubéreuse, I was reminded of a modern Piguet Fracas. 

Tubéreuse is a soliflore opening with as a citrus white floral with peachy aldehydes. The heart is a peachy white floral – mostly gardenia and tuberose. It’s a warm, creamy white floral, instead of a “cool” one. Tubéreuse dries down to something that is softer than the heart with an… Continue reading